Persuasive Speaking Techniques

Michael Lee asked: Perhaps you have already spoken before an audience, have given a credible speech, have driven the audience to a reasonable point and have been applauded a fair number of times. Now you wish to improve that foundation you have in speaking and influence. Here are three points that can aid you to […]

Improving Team performance

How to Pratice for Basketball Improvement

Rali Todd asked: With so many drills and different ways to practice to improve your game, you could very easily get confused and frustrated trying to compile a perfect practice plan. Some of the main components I have always stressed with all my private basketball clients, whether they are beginners or a NBA Veteran, is […]

Transformational Leadership

Has your Team Lost It's Mind(fulness)?

Cheryl Mann asked: I recently came back from my annual seven-day silent, mindfulness retreat (I typically go on a mindfulness retreat once a year, sometimes more). For those of you know what this is, you’re likely saying “ah, that sounds really, really great – wish I were there right now”! For those of you who […]