Traits of a Leader

High Performance Leaders – 5 Ways They Motivate Employees to Deliver Positive Performance

Barbara Brown, PhD asked: If you read any books on leadership, you will find one common trait used to describe successful leaders: They have the ability to Influence employees to follow them. And while the literature is replete with suggestions on “how” successful leaders influence employees (i.e. they listen, they share, they role model), the […]

Transformational Leadership

Book Report: Creating A Heroic Work Environment

Sharif Khan asked: A Journey into the Heroic Environment: A Personal Guide to Creating a Work Environment Built on Shared Values, 3rd Edition Rob Lebow (SelectBooks, New York 2004 1590790618) $21.95 REVIEWED BY SHARIF KHAN Living in what Alan Greenspan called an era of “infectious greed” with corporate titans facing serious jail time, Ex-WorldCom CEO, […]

Defining Leadership

Leading and Leadership: Soichiro Honda

Olivia Hunt asked: Almost anyone can use power, but it takes skill to use leadership. Leadership skills are much more than the use of force. It means the ability to influence others and inspire them to truly wish to achieve a goal. Managers all over the world recognize the central role of effective leadership in […]