William A. Keleher's Masterpieces

William Keleher asked: William A. Keleher’s masterpieces William A. Keleher was unequivocally a multi-faceted individual. While other great people focused on a single field of expertise, Keleher begged to differ. Yes, it is true that he was essentially a lawyer and he did excel in his field, no doubt. However, he did not want to […]

Conflict Resolution

What is a Conflict Diamond?

Shlomit G asked: Who hasn’t heard of the slogan "A diamond lasts forever"? Diamonds have always occupied a very high status in the world of jewelry. Fueled by tradition and intense marketing campaigns, diamonds have achieved incomparable status. Starry eyed young men present gorgeous diamond rings to their girlfriends. Married couples exchange diamond studded jewelry […]

Improving Team performance

Ensuring Six Sigma Success Through Process Improvement Teams

Tony Jacowski asked: Businesses, no doubt, have the option to make a call to existing management and ask them to shoulder the responsibility, but since in most businesses managers are already too busy with their day-to-day routines, it’s highly unlikely that they will be able to do proper justice to Six Sigma implementations. This is […]

Leadership Styles

Different Business Management Styles

Naz Daud asked: Business management combines an interesting mix of theory and practice, and it is a particularly good topic for management and entrepreneurial types to study. Finding a business management style that suits your personality and the nature of your business is both important and worthy of time investment, as being self-aware and being […]

Communicating as a Leader

The Passionate Leader

anonymous asked: A common characteristic of high-achieving leaders is a deep sense of passion. Passion is the glue that helps teams stick to their plans through adversity and over the long haul. There are three success factors for leaders capitalize on the power of passion. Paint the Picture Focus and competence engage the minds of […]