Feedback and Rewards

Leadership – Ten Ways To Be Better At Leading Teams

Martin Haworth asked: Leadership is a fascinating art. A balance between getting things done and having enough about you to maximize both the motivation and engagement of all of your people for now and the future. In any business there is a need to lead teams, unless there is just the one of you. So, […]

Leadership Mistakes

What Kind of Leader are You?

Kate Mercer asked: t your vision, your passion, and your strategy and plan. So why is it that despite displaying appropriate leadership competencies, you sometimes fail? In practice, there is one factor that distinguishes success and failure in leadership: the leader’s flexibility of style. Do you pride yourself on involving and engaging your team members […]

Communicating as a Leader

How Cutting Back Communication Can Save You Time and Money – Part I

Steven Sonsino asked: How do YOU communicate with your people? If you need to let your staff know something – the latest pay offer, when the office party is, that their department is being restructured – how do you do it? If yours is a fair-sized business, chances are that you leave it to the […]

Leadership Styles

Insight Into The Followership Styles

Гумилевский Александр Борисович asked: Insight into the followership styles. Term Followers is negatively occupied – the words passive, weak, conforming lead to the devaluating the term followership and therefore people don’t like to be categorised as followers. But –to be a follower doesn’t mean just to do simply, what one told to do. According Chaleff […]