Leadership Styles

A Look at the Benefits of Transactional Leadership Style

Muna wa Wanjiru asked: Leadership style plays a crucial role in the development of an organization. Transactional leadership is of the leadership style that is often used by many companies. Transactional leadership believes that punishment and reward motivate people. This leadership also assumes that when people agree to do a particular assignment, a part of […]

Improving Team performance

Team Building – A Race Against Yourself

Scott Lindsay asked: How do you make the environment in your business conducive to team building? In the past this was often done with merit pay raises, employee of the month awards and other performance based incentives and gifts. Many businesses that are interested in team building today are finding that these approaches do not […]

Feedback and Rewards

Ten Decisive Steps to Motivating your Delinquent Teen to Action

Briony Irving asked: STEP ONE THE PUSH START Everyone needs or deserve a push start. You got it when you entered college or university and if you never got it, then blaze a new trail and give your kid the push start they need in life. There are a number of ways to do this […]