Transformational Leadership

Six Success Strategies Leaders Need to Know

Diana Keith asked: Crisis situations can define who you are as a leader. Even so, the ability to handle a crisis is chickenfeed compared to the skills involved with preventing one. This valuable expertise separates great leaders from their counterparts and starts with Six Strategic Success Habits every leader needs to know. Why do some […]

Conflict Resolution

Dealing With Conflict

Sam Shorrosh asked: Guidelines for Dealing with Conflict in the Family: Questions & Answers I. Question: Is it more important for me to win this argument or strengthen our relationship? Some people want to win an argument at any cost. Legitimate complaints should be heard out, and then responded too in a reasonable fashion. Write […]


How to Ensure Dissatisfaction is a Key to Success

Andrew Cox asked: In the important areas of our lives, dissatisfaction is a positive – a way to constantly improve. At the same time, dissatisfaction has its limitations. Applying dissatisfaction to many areas of life just leads to frustration and regret. In my first job, as a salesman with Procter and Gamble, at the annual […]

Feedback and Rewards

How Showing a Little Appreciation Motivates Employees

Martin Haworth asked: There are a whole load of resources you can find on ‘motivation’. Books, tapes, internet etc. Yet it need not be so complicated… Recently, I had the opportunity to show appreciation to someone. I was really surprised to hear back from her the following, “Are you being sarcastic?” It turned out that […]

Traits of a Leader

Making Each Day a Success

Lolly Daskal asked: Tip #1-Dependability Is The First Foundation Stone Of Good Character People of character do what they say they will do, when they say they will do it, and according to agreed -upon conditions. They are the leaders, the individuals to whom others turn for guidance because they have demonstrated that they care, […]