Transformational Leadership

Transformational, Long-Term, Permanent, Lasting Change

Kurt Mortensen asked: Change is the key to our success and to our financial future. Often in our own lives, however, change is something we fiercely resist. Even when achievement sits on our doorstep, we’re still too comfortable to make an adjustment. The very first place to look for transformation is within. When you take […]

Women in Leadership

Make Things Happen With Leadership Coaching and Leadership Development

Vikram Kumar asked: All businesses regardless of stature and size can use outside expertise in achieving desired peak performances for success. Even talented individuals get the coaching and training they need to improve performance. LMI-UK has developed the right leadership coaching and leadership development programs for everyday people and businesses. Their Open Course is intended […]

Improving Team performance

Is Performance Always a Competition

Axel Meierhoefer asked: When we have some time to take a breath, read a newspaper, watch a TV show, and relax, we find a continuation of what is common in the work place. A lot of what is presented and written about is describing how well – or not so well – others did, organizations […]