Communicating as a Leader

Diversity: More Than Just Politically Correct

Leaders for Today asked: Because there seems to be a disconnect between what many hospital management teams are saying and what they are doing, I decided to get to the bottom of the very term. Diversity comes from the word diverse, an adjective meaning unlike. Take a look around your own executive team – is […]

Defining Leadership

Defining the Six Sigma Infrastructure

Tom Smith asked: Any major change initiative requires a clearly defined supporting infrastructure to drive the program. Infrastructure is defined as the underlying foundation and basic framework of personnel and supporting systems needed to support Six Sigma deployment activities. Because every part of a company participates in Six Sigma activities, the infrastructure must be clear, […]

Leadership Mistakes

Building an Effective Executive Leadership Team

Leigh Bailey asked: “Don’t run for office. You are already elected.” Jack Welch “Collaboration across boundaries is fundamentally different.” Carly Fiorina Executive leadership teams, the groups of senior level executives –typically led by the CEO—that drive an organization, have a substantial effect on the company’s culture, work environment, strategic direction, and productivity. A well- or […]