Feedback and Rewards

Motivating Your Team: What It Will Take For Your Team To Win Big

Stephen Meyer asked: A few months ago my wife and I decided we wanted to take our Network Marketing business to a “Woman’s Expo”. We have a network marketing business and several affiliate marketing businesses. After some discussion with my wife we decided to invite a few of our team members to join us. We […]

Defining Leadership

These are Some of the Most Noble Leadership Characteristics

Muna wa Wanjiru asked: Defining leadership characteristics is not simple. This is because each leader has his\her own characteristics. However there are some common features required for an exemplary leader. A typical leader should know how to influence his team members to work harder and committed to achieve the overall organizational goals. A leader can […]

Micro Management

Small Business Manager Tips

Van Theodorou asked: You are the owner and manager of a small business. Not only do you need to know about the inner-workings of the business and the financial issues but you also need to be a good manager. Management skills can be just as important in keeping the business running well as your other […]