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Motivating Your Team: What It Will Take For Your Team To Win Big

Stephen Meyer asked:

A few months ago my wife and I decided we wanted to take our Network Marketing business to a “Woman’s Expo”. We have a network marketing business and several affiliate marketing businesses. After some discussion with my wife we decided to invite a few of our team members to join us. We sent out emails inviting those that lived in the area. We had decided that it would be beneficial for our personal home based business and for the team as a whole, the more exposure the better. After that we sat down with the Event rules in hand for guidance and made some rules we thought would benefit the whole team. We wanted our team to be organized. We then sent out more emails and held a couple meetings informing everyone what we had planned. It was just 2 nights before the Expo when half of the team decided not to go. We thought we had done everything right but what we didn’t do is involve the team in the decision and planning process.

Team motivation is always affected by a lot factors. According to many experts, the clearness of purpose, the actual challenges faced, the existent leadership, the camaraderie and the development opportunities present in the team will affect its overall performance.

Clearness of Purpose

One of the most crucial components that can keep a team together is clarity of purpose. As long as the members of the team hold a common goal or determination, they will be motivated to act in agreement. According to late studies, team motivation lives at its utmost when all the members of the team have a full understanding of their function and they strongly believe in what it is they are doing. To achieve clarity of purpose and to afford each team member a common sense of ownership over the team’s goal as a whole, everyone should be involved in the decision making process. Furthermore, involving each person in setting the focus of the team is critically important to be sure that everybody acknowledges the direction the team is headed in and what specific roles each person is going to play to accomplish the common goals of the team.

Present Challenges

Team motivation may be determined by the present challenges faced by each team member. In most cases, teams work easily during crisis and intense challenge. According to analysis, human beings have the born ability to fight and defend. This power to fight and defend is greatly heightened when it is done by team efforts. To keep a very high team motivation level, you need a few challenges to examine the ingenuity, bravery and staying power of your team members.


The human desire of each team member is very important. Each person needs to belong and to be loved. It is very important that each team member can feel the camaraderie of all team members. According to recent studies, extremely functional teams do not just work together; they also know how to play and have fun together. To improve the social human relationship between the team members, openness, respect and honesty should always be practiced. A team is like a family and needs to be close knit like a family. Should you choose to lie to the members of the family, you are bound to cause yourself trouble with all the members.


Above everything else, leadership is the most crucial aspect in maintaining a high team motivation level. A team needs to have someone who can and will keep things together and someone who will do the dirty work every once in a while. The best of Team Leaders are just like the head of any family. He or she should always without regard take full responsibility of each person in the team. When making the decision to choose a team leader, you should always take into consideration the ability of the person to inspire loyalty, trust, respectfulness and love from each of the members of the team.

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