Problem Solving

Africa’s Leaders Need a Paradigm Shift in Their Thinking

Mfonobong Nsehe asked: When Sudanese Telecoms billionaire, Mohammed Ibrahim launched the annual $5million prize for exemplary leadership in Africa, he imagined that the money would be enough to motivate Africa’s leaders to shun corruption, greed and self-interest and work towards developing their countries. He actually imagined that the money would go a long way in […]

Micro Management

Rohan Dekan Dragon Sage Build (PvP/Tank)

Coreys Morehouse asked: Dragon Sage Class Build (tank/pvp) This is a great Tank/PVP build that i am using and having alot of fun with. The main focus is using Health Drain, and Breath for your main two damage spells. Its is very important to max out Mana to health spell and Health to mana spell. […]