Problem Solving

How to Identify and Select a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Steven Bonacorsi asked: Black Belts are knowledgeable and highly skilled in the use of the Lean Six Sigma methodologies and tools, as well as facilitation and change management, and lead subject matter experts to increase customer satisfaction levels and business productivity. Black Belts have typically completed four weeks or 160 hours of Lean Six Sigma […]

Women in Leadership

The World is Changing, Which is Why We Have to Change our Thinking and Behavior

Dr. Mario Barrett, Ph.D. asked: Everyday we hear that the world around us is changing. However, I wonder do we really understand how drastic and profound these changes really are, as well as how they will impact our lives? Do we realize how the changing world will affect our political, economic, educational systems, as well […]

Defining Leadership

Why You May Sometimes Need Situational Leadership

Muna wa Wanjiru asked: Situational leadership theory is one of the type of leadership theory, leadership model and leadership style that believes that different leadership style suit different situations. That is as per the situation, you should apply leadership style. Situation leadership theory assumes that the best action to be taken by a leader depends […]

Leadership Styles

Two Questions to Help You Change Your Leadership Style

Steven Sonsino asked: Do you want to change your leadership style? Perhaps you’ve discovered something in particular that you want to do, or do differently. And this, of course, is the problem. You want to change something you do, but the folks in the office just aren’t expecting you to change anything. They don’t WANT […]