Defining Leadership

These is What Definition of Leadership Entails

Muna wa Wanjiru asked: Definition of leadership has many aspects yet it agrees that a leader is one whose magnetic personality galvanizes people for some cause.  Great leaders influence their followers not by words but by their actions.  They do what they preach.  They act as a catalyst and their presence is enough to motivate […]

Managing Performance / Setting Goals

How-To Define the Scope of a Project Management

S.maurer asked: How-To Define the Scope of a Project Management Publishing Guidelines: You may publish my article in your newsletter, on your website or in your print publication provided you include the resource box at the end. Notification would be appreciated but is not required. By S. Maurer Defining Needs and Wants is an excellent […]

Leadership Mistakes

Leadership Lessons from the Presidential Election

Steven Sonsino asked: Business executives don’t have to win votes to get appointed. But to be a successful leader, in the corporate world or the political world, you need to know who you are and what you stand for. Even if you’re not the next president of the USA, I urge you to spare five […]