Transformational Leadership

Change Without Resistance

Chris Henderson asked: Seeing change as a problem In a previous article, I examined why problem solving, which is our conventional approach to change, is instrumental in creating resistance and slowing or neutralising attempts to create change. Briefly, the reasons are as follows: 1) The focus of problem solving is usually on the ‘gap’, and […]

Traits of a Leader

Which is the Most Important Characteristic of Leadership?

Muna wa Wanjiru asked: World without leader would cease to exist.  Since time immemorial, leaders have guided humanity in their struggle for survival. A leader shows us a ray of light in darkness, makes our future brighter and life much simpler; he brings hope and happiness in our life.  What are the characteristic of leadership; […]

Communicating as a Leader

How Should Leaders Set Direction

Rizalito Garcia asked: HOW LEADERS SET DIRECTION Leadership is like a beacon or navigational aid. People must know what the goal or destination is and they require signals over the course of their efforts to confirm that they are on track. No ship’s captain would set sail without knowing the destination and having the ability […]