Managing Performance / Setting Goals

Management Training Dublin: Focus on Developing Business Leaders

sheila Mulrennan asked: Businesses need to evolve to the ever changing landscape of the marketplace. Managers must be able to meet the demands of change in their respective industries. This is an often overlooked role of management training. Dublin-based training institutions abound offering certificate and diploma courses in various fields of management. By availing of […]

Young and Minority Leaders

Union Trade Apprenticeships For Philadelphia Schools Students

Patricia Hawke asked: The Philadelphia schools, along with other schools across the nation, are concerned with students who do not enter college upon graduation. Many are left with low-paying, dead-end jobs with little prospects for future improvements — keeping many of those students from impoverished homes in the low-income lifestyle. This has been of concern […]

Problem Solving

What Makes a Great Leader?

diane walker asked: Today’s workforce is arguably more diverse, informed and sophisticated than ever before. Even in fledgling companies, employees are looking for development and greater opportunities to progress their career. Research by the Chartered Management Institute and DTI shows the majority of the UK’s workforce also expects to follow the examples set by their […]

Traits of a Leader

Characteristics of a Business Coach

Kris Koonar asked: Everyone at some point or the other needs sage advice. Business leaders are no exception, since they specially need it to ease the life of stress and worry that arises from strategies, profits and important meetings. They usually have difficulty in perceiving simpler solutions to problems. Coaching or mentoring is the most […]