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Characteristics of a Business Coach

Kris Koonar asked:

Everyone at some point or the other needs sage advice. Business leaders are no exception, since they specially need it to ease the life of stress and worry that arises from strategies, profits and important meetings. They usually have difficulty in perceiving simpler solutions to problems. Coaching or mentoring is the most efficacious approach to help business leaders to achieve maximum in minimum time and that too without taxing their lifestyles.

The goal of a business coach should always be to help draw out leadership capability in individuals he is associated with. A business coach must make an effort to help the business executive learn about how to design and link specific leadership challenges, assuming complete responsibility to overcome the challenge successfully.

A business coach must take the following steps first, before introducing them with the leadership and problem solving aspects:

– Take into account the work culture and the talent of the team, by partnering first with the CEO or business head and the HR team.

– The mentoring should go on for as long as the business coach is not completely satisfied with the performance of the participants. The aim here is to coach the executives in such a way that they are aware of every aspect of leadership and problem solving skills.

– Companies hire business coaches to improve the performance of the team, both, collectively as a team and individually. After the completion of the coaching session an executive should have a better understanding of individual and organizational behavior. He should be able to comprehend the key changes that are required for his transition from manager to leader.

The six characteristics that are indispensable requisites for a successful business coach are:

Strong Belief: Coaches need to have a very strong belief system, a vision of the future, a positive approach to every problem and a strong understanding of themselves. This they need to pass on to the managers, who lack these basic leadership skills.

Optimism: This is an absolutely essential trait for a leader. It is a trait that sets apart the managers from leaders and the coach himself should have this approach on life and business, to teach others.

Courage: The coach has to hardwire this virtue in managers. He has to prove to them that although we all have our own fears; the main thing is to learn how to overcome them in the best possible way.

Teamwork: This is a very important point to remember. It is preached everywhere, but seldom practiced. The coach should himself know how to work within a team. Everyone knows that leaders cannot do everything by themselves and so they have a team of individuals with different talents. He has to guide the team in such a way that each talent is fully utilized and the team feels good about using their talent.

Good preparation: Always prepare and go through your content before you start implementing them on the participants. The content needs to cover all the aspects of the subject, from basic skills to designing and implementation of leadership ideas.

Clear communication: The most important of all traits is effective communication. Managers dont essentially become leaders because they cannot communicate their ideas to the management and their team effectively. A business coach is not only responsible for polishing the communication skills of the participant, but also on how he speaks and conveys management strategy to the participants.

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