Transformational Leadership

Crabs Don't Have Leadership Skills or Positive Vibes!

Christina Parker asked: This weekend, our family had the pleasure of spending a couple of days on the beach with our friends the Henderson’s. They are a very fun loving Christian family with two little girls that are the same age as our boys. The kids had a great time playing on the beach together. […]

Leadership Mistakes

Build New Leadership Skills: Experience Greater Success

Joe Farcht asked: Practice a behavior once and find out how it is done. Repeat the behavior once more and you correct some mistakes. Practice the same behavior a third time and start to feel more comfortable. Practice it a fourth time and start to feel a little confidence. Practice it six more times and […]

Communicating as a Leader

Developing Subordinate Leaders

Darnell E. Patton asked: There are many great leaders who lead things from small businesses to large countries.  Each of those leaders had to start somewhere.  Leadership starts at different stages for different people; some start learning as a small child while others may not start until adulthood.  But regardless of when they start, its […]