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Leadership – Being a Leader and Taking Control

Sacha Tarkovsky asked:

There are two schools concerning leadership, with age old arguments, with both sides citing history as their proof.

One school says leaders are born and the other says leaders are products of the environment. Which school is correct?

Does it matter if you find yourself suddenly in a leadership role? Here is what to do if you do.

The Genetic / Dynastic School of Leadership

This school is certain that leaders are born, either due to genetic superiority or by their position in a dynastic situation.

Born leaders, i.e. those who men (and women) following willingly, even into death, are men like Julius Cesar, Alexander, Charles 12th of Sweden, and looking at the mid-20th century, Churchill, and Roosevelt. The proponents of this school feel that the leader’s DNA and situation of birth (into a dynasty) make them into natural leaders.

The Chance School (of Environment School) of Leadership

This school is certain that leaders are products of the environment and fit into a role they are conditioned for. Napoleon, Hitler and Stalin are two good examples, but there are others, many if one looks to even the current group of world leaders. Many were never leaders till the environment provided a certain set of correct conditions.

Sudden Role Position

If you are suddenly thrown into a leadership role, even without seeking it, what do you? How do you become a good leader? And what is a good leader?

Good Leader

This is a value judgment, but a good leader would be one in which men follow willingly, give their respect, and trust. The good leader leads men to the goal of overall betterment of the current situation, and is protective of those who follow him (her).

The fastest way to become a good leader is to find some system of goal fulfillment (The Desyatnikov Method for example), and start following it. This would strengthen your own values and qualities. A good leader must first of all know where and how he is leading.

Secondly, a good leader must embody those qualities which he expects in others. You must be the role model and example. How many generals lead their men into battle, risking their own lives along with that of their men? Many, and many are well known today. Their courage and commitment made their leadership valid.

If you are suddenly put into a leadership position, and are lost for ideas on how to use your power, simply recall to yourself those qualities you admired in others you followed. This is a best guide for you at the start.

Leadership is a sparse commodity, as there are few leaders and many followers. Do not lose your humility. This will act as a shield against the slander and affronts that will sure come to you, as they do to every leader.

Lastly, embody the quality of direct honesty. Be direct, and be honest, with yourself and those who follow you. Only respect and admiration come from these two endearing qualities when embodied by a leader.

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