Will you Dare to Dream of Internet Success?

Kevino More asked:

Well Will you dare to dream? Or will you sacrifice your dreams on the alter of common sense? The common sense taught to you over the years first by your teachers, then your parents and finally your friends. The one difining factor that separates the achievers from the plodders is a dream. A dream of what they can become if the untapped potential within them is released.

But often as not the that dream is crushed and ridiculed well before it has the chance to galvanize into action. The problem for the dreamers is that the world of common sense has no place for them. They prefer the rank and file who are prepared to tow the line whilst doing just as they are told. They feel safer with everything under control and in it’s proper place, no room there for new ideas or off the wall schemes.

Every success story has it’s roots in a dream and every great idea starts with a dream. These dreams are the catalyist that start people on their journeys towards success. All the great people who changed history started out with a dream, a picture of a final destination or outcome. We perhaps all remember the famous speech that Martin Luther King gave when he said “I have a dream”. He followed his dream and changed the lives of millions of people for years to come. With the power of dreams one person really can change the whole world for better or worse so never underestimate the power of your dreams.

The world of common sense hates dreams and dreamers because deep down the unsuccessful envy those who succeed. They feel much safer if everyone conforms to their ideas of what is or is not possible. They will urge you to give up on your crazy dreams and join the real world. Wake up, smell the coffee and get yourself a real life like the rest of us is what they preach to any dreamers that rear their heads. In other words be like us knuckle down and tow the line.

My only advice to you if you seek success in whatever you are doing is this. Hold onto your dreams because they are more powerful than you will ever imagine. I dreamt of success in internet network marketing because I wanted to work when I liked from anywhere I chose and now that’s exactly what I do. I spend as much time as I please working from my summer home in Cyprus. In fact I wrote the original draught of this article you are reading on my laptop sitting out on my sun terrace by my pool.

If you too dream of success in internet marketing you may well benefit from some of the amazing tools I have found online. Perhaps like so many of us you have struggled in vain to achieve your ambitions with only limited success. I was in the same position a short while ago but all that changed when I discovered the wealth of information that is available on the net.

I now use a great system to build my network marketing business and I have seen real results. I struggled for over a year before implementing these methods into my business but now for the first time I am turning a profit. So don’t give up on your dreams of success because if you persevere you will find the answers you seek.

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