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MLM Training- The 5 Things We Can Learn From Barack Obama For Home Business Success

Doug Firebaugh asked:

Out of nowhere this hurricane came and blew everyone else out of the water. Quietly. Silently. Deadly. And I may not agree with a lot of his politics, but I have to applaud him for some amazing marketing. I stand in awe of what he and his team did in order to get his message out.

There are 5 things that I have discovered that Barack did that I believe will stand as potentially marketing genius. He did a wonderful job on the marketing of his campaign. Yes, there was the Reverend Wright debacle, but everyone gets a mulligan.

What can we learn from Team Obama about Network Marketing and Home Business Success?

1) Stay on Message.

Barack never veered. He was straight on message 98% of the time. BELIEVE was his message and he hammered that home with little exception. He was talking about one thing:

Change you can believe in.

THAT is a perfect message for today’s network marketing entrepreneur. People today are looking for change that they can believe in- in their finances, work, life, and destiny. Barack shot straight on this message and hit a home run.

Stay on message. And YOU will hit a home run like he did.

2) Work the Network that is in front of you.

Everywhere he went, Barack worked the network of people in front of him. He shook hands and introduced himself and then he made them feel SPECIAL. He looked into their eyes. He asked questions and made it about their concerns and their life.


He worked the network everywhere he went and did not stop. He CONNECTED with everyone because he wanted to connect with people, not just shake their hand. There is a saying, “Wherever you are- BE THERE!” Barack practiced that rule daily.

Work the network in front of you. They are there. They are waiting. Grab a hand and introduce yourself and make them feel special.

3) Follow up with what you spoke up.

Barack’s follow up with people, promises, and must do’s was awesome. Day after day I read where his team followed up with the ordinary people he met, and with phone calls, and letters. He sent flowers to people. He sent books. He sent cards that said, “Thank you.”

He said there was going to be a CHANGE. He acted upon it and delivered in his campaign. What would happen in your business if YOU acted upon your people you met, promises you made and the must do’s that are waiting- NOW- not tomorrow?

It would transform your business overnight.

4) Don’t Sell Yourself- sell the person on their Possibilities.

I watched Barack with my head shaking as he did NOT sell himself to people- he sold the person on THEMSELVES- and their potential with a message of Change.


He sold every person he talked to on his message, by selling the person on the possibilities within themselves. He did it on the radio. He did it on TV. He did on the internet. He did it face to face. And people believed in themselves more after he spoke then they did before he spoke.

THAT is a Network Marketing Secret that will stand for ages. Are you practicing it? Get people to believe in themselves and what is possible – MORE – than they believed before your conversation started.

Put your ego aside and focus on the prospect.

5) He engaged flawlessly Politics 2.0 on the internet. So should you.

Barack hit the internet unlike any other politician to date. He used all the web 2.0 tools and strategies. Blogs. Widgets. Ims. Facebook. Twitter. Myspace. Friendster. Digg. Ipods. networking. Social networking. And the list goes on and on.

Are you using these in your business? If not, take a page from Barack Obama’s playbook and START. It may take you a while to an the power of the internet and the new web 2.0- but it DOES WORK. And it works HUGE!

Just ask Barack. Just ask Hill. She was a victim of it.

These are the 5 things that we can learn from Barack for network marketing success. Are their other lessons? Yes. And we will be covering those as well in future lesson for your MLM and Network marketing business success.


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