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Kevin Sinclair asked:

Ordinary people along with celebrities have one thing in common in order for them to be successful in life – their voices. The voice allows a person to express their thoughts and emotions to send across the message to people in society.

Research shows that there are more than five million people who suffer problems with their voices. This isn’t because a person has spoken or sang in excess, but because of other things such as infections or diseases that may have been caused by a virus or even a traumatic experience in their lives.

However, there is good news. These infections or diseases can be reversed if they are recognized early enough and treated correctly.

One very important way in which your voice can be protected is to stop smoking. Cigarette fumes cause folds in the throat which can result in the voice sounding hoarse.

Singers and ordinary workers can also suffer because of dust. Dust particles can cause colds and other illnesses when they are inhaled through the nose. One way to prevent this is to have a humidifier at work or in the home.

It is common knowledge that we can all get carried away when we are in the middle of a conversation and talk too much. Whether on the telephone or face to face, this can also cause a hoarse voice. The key to this solution is to know when to listen and not just talk.

Have you ever been to a disco where the music is at full volume and tried to hold a conversation? If the answer to this question is yes, then you will be aware of how much strain this can have on your voice. Attempt to find a quieter place to hold a conversation to avoid placing stress on the throat.

It is important for singers and ordinary people to learn how to breathe correctly. The power of the voice should come from the abdomen and not the throat. This is because the abdomen is considered to be a large muscle in the body.

A great amount of energy is exerted from a person when they are talking or singing. Regular exercise should be undertaken in order to increase stamina and voice control, which is required in order to speak correctly.

I am sure that you have seen television commercials for mouthwash to prevent bad breath. Even though there is nothing wrong with that, one of the ingredients in a majority of mouthwashes is alcohol. This can be changed for a brand that uses a salt solution, which is also good for the throat.

When having a conversation, it is important to say the words slowly and clearly so that the other person can understand exactly what you are saying. Another daily habit is ensuring that your health is taken care of, to ensure that everything is in the correct working order.

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