Positive Attitude and Optimism are the Foundations and Pillars of Success

rekhalath asked:

The foundation of success is cent percent is attitude towards the different prospects of life.A positive aattitude lays guidelines for a better future;whereas a negative one definitely leaves no stone unturned to destroy the characteristic feature of a person.One should always wear a positive attitude in all the strides of life.Even the words uttered by a positivarian will attract everybody towards his speech.The eyes of an optimist glimmers and is never dim.

Someday i read somewhere ….”two persons were looking from the same bars,one could see the mud and the other could see the stars”.So,this is just the attitude and one’s disposition to see things.The approach should be boundless.The realistic person talks in affirmation and the job by him is fruitful and productive.

Life offers opportunities to one and all,it is upon an individual to catch hold of them and utilise them in the best possible way.The thorough out and out approach towards lifemakes the person presentable and confident.

Optimism is a state of mind and the projection of feelings.Only if you feel good you can succeed otherwise it may lead to a disaster .When we see the starry night we feel “Oh,what a beautiful sky…it is shining like crackers in it.”and when we see a dark and cloudy sky we feel “Oh,it is such a dark and dingy sky”.So,you see it is only how one takes things for oneself.

The approach towards a positive attitude leads to pushing and giving all the potential one has …the capability of the men outshines in him if he sees all the prospects as a beauty.Time factor is very important for a positivarian ;as the time flies the progress also stops.In order to achieve high degrees of success time management is always considered by him whereas others say “we can do it later ;but later is always late.”It is once and for all “NOW” which is important and this is a quality in the optimistic person.



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