Leadership Styles

The Top 10 Leadership Skills That Will Make You Succeed In Network Marketing

Nicola Silva asked:

In this industry, everything rises and falls on leadership so developing the specific MLM leadership qualities is absolutely primordial to grow and sustain momentum in your team.

Rate yourself honestly from 0 to 10 in each one of these qualities and strive to become a 10 in all of them.

1. As a Leader, you’re organized and self disciplined. Without discipline there is no organization. When you’re organized you do things more efficiently and waste less time. Have a daily method of operation and follow it consistently. Discipline is the mother of success.

2. As a Leader, you are committed to work hard and be productive. Work constantly to replace unproductive habits for productive habits. Value your time, and your downline’s time above anything. As an example to your downline you want to get at least 10 new distributors a month.

3. As a Leader, you are 100% responsible and 100% self-functional. When you do what has to be done you are being responsible. The more you depend on others the less control you have. Make it your goal to become independent from your upline as soon as possible and make your downline have this goal too. Achieving it will make your team’s growth explode.

4. As a Leader, you are honest. You never use others for your own advancement. Be interested in the long term successs of your distributors instead of their short term productivity. You’re not going to teach things you haven’t done yourself. Honour your commitments.

5. As a Leader, you have total and professional knowledge of the Network Marketing Industry. Be an expert. Know what you’re doing so you can teach others how to do it. If somebody asks you what mlm is, as a leader you must have a simple, direct and convincing answer to give.

6. As a Leader, you maintain a relaxed mental attitude. It simply makes you do your job with more ease and your downline respect you more because it gives a sense of control and mastery. When people respect you, you become more influential and that’s what leadership’s all about.

7. As a Leader, you remain true to yourself. You never compromise your values, beliefs and personal Integrity. Your Leadership style reflects your own personality. Work and develop your leadership skills instead of trying to change your personality.

8. As a Leader, you show respect for your upline, downline and company. You must be supportive of the changes in the company. Treat everybody equally and encourage people on your dowline. Talk about your company with total conviction and never show negativity to your downline because it spreads like a virus.

9. As a Leader, you’re constantly teaching others as well as learning. Spend time adding knowledge about your company. Spend time to improve your marketing skills. Spend time to improve yourself. Use every contact with your dowline as an opportunity to teach. Be willing to share what you know.

10. As a Leader, you have a strong will. This atribute generates all others. If you’re willing to, you’ll develop any skill. If you’re willing to, you will succeed. And never forget: As a leader, always speak from a position of strength, never from a position of weakness.

Leadership is a natural consequence of your actions. If you accept the responsibility of leadership instead of seeking the rewards of leadership, you’ll become a leader in less than time. Always focus on doing what’s right, instead of what’s popular and rember that you’re an example to your dowline so whatever you do, they will replicate. If you display weakness, they’ll weaken but if you display a strong will, they’ll just go for it!

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