Plan Your Best Man Speech For Best Success

D Fraser asked:

It’s a big day in your life, and your best friends life. His wedding day is here, and he’s chosen you to be his best man. To stand by his side as he says his vows, and then at the reception to say some kind words about your relationship, and his new life to come. That’s the nervous part, walking down the isle with a bridesmaid, standing in front of the crowd at the wedding there really isn’t any pressure how ever once you’re at the reception, and all eyes are on you as you make your Best Man’s speech things can get a little nerve racking. Here are three simple tips you should pay attention to when you’re preparing to write your speech before the wedding day.

Plan Your Speech

Don’t get up in front of the crowd at the reception and attempt to make up the words on the go. You can’t realize what feelings you’ll have on this day or at that moment until it happens. So take some time before the wedding day and at a minimum jot down some notes of points you’d like to make. If you work better with writing out the entire speech before hand do so. But pay special attention to our next point if you do choose to do so.

Practice Practice Practice

If you’re reasonably good with talking from a list of points, then this probably isn’t as important to you. While you should rehearse what you’re going to say ahead of time, this particular point is very important for those that choose to write their entire best man speech ahead of time.

A wedding reception isn’t the time you want to be standing at a podium staring down at a piece of paper and reading your speech. Practicing in front of your mirror at home will help ensure that you maintain eye contact with the groom and the other people in the room at the reception. Practicing how you’ll read, where you will place emphasis with your tone and words and when crack a quick one liner are all important aspects you should take care in preparing before hand.

Choose your words carefully

While you and your best bud might have some great memories, take care in what ones you choose to share during your best man speech. A wedding is a family ordeal, and there will be people of all ages there so choosing your words, one liners, and language carefully will be important to ensure your speech is family friendly.

Remember this is your best friends most important day. You will remember this speech for the rest of your life so ensuring you nail it should be a top priority. There are sample best man speeches and toasts you can get online to give you a blueprint to work from, as well as good ideas to incorporate into your speech. We all want to make the greatest impression with our words, and leave a memorable mark on the day. So take the time to plan something special, and present it with professionally. Follow these simple tips and you’ll be a hit.


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