4 Tips for Writing Your Motivational Speaker Biography

James Malinchak asked:

Have you ever wanted to set yourself up for public speaking success before you ever take the stage? One of the most effective ways a speaker can become appreciated before ever opening their mouths is to write a killer biography. Just like your resume is used to get a job, your speaker bio is used to sell audience on your credentials and their excitement to hear what you have to say. Creating an effective written biography is one of the most essential, yet overlooked factors is giving a great speech. I’m now going to show you how to make a great one!

Make no mistake about the importance of this: Your bio will sell you to the meeting planner and attendees. To be effective, it must be written correctly, so here are four tips you can apply to make your motivational speaker biography stand out.

1. Ask yourself, “What have I done that will impress or ‘wow’ the audience?” What have you done with your life that makes you qualified to speak on your subject? What have you accomplished in your life? Who have you shared the stage with? What have you done that will make people say, “wow!” What would you be fascinated in hearing about someone else speak about? Include this first in your biography.

2. Ask yourself, “What have I done to add credibility?” Have you published a book recently? People are very impressed by this. If you do not have a book published yet, you can focus on a soon-to-be-released book. Who have you worked for, or who has worked for you? Have you ever held a position of distinction or accomplished something of significance? Include this next.

3. Ask yourself, “How can I impress my audience?” Think about your background. Did you accomplish something no one has or did? if so, include it. This will make your attendees say ‘wow’ before they even get to hear you speak.

4. Connect yourself with a celebrity or a person they know. Write about the people or companies you’ve done work for… or better yet, include a picture of yourself with the president of the company you are speaking for, or, if you’ve got it, with a celebrity. If you can’t get any of these, you can always write about how many states or countries you’ve been to! Make yourself appear to be connected to celebrity in some manner, and people will take note!

Utilize these four steps and present the best motivational speaker biography you can. You’ll attract a huge audience who’s excited to hear you speak (which means plenty of money in your pocket). Now go put these ideas to use! is where you can find over 100+ hours of downloadable audio and video lessons that will show you how to make $100,000 to $1,000,000 dollars PER YEAR as a professional speaker. James Malinchak, the author of this article can be your online business coach and mentor. Simply visit to get started today with several FREE professional speaking audio recordings.

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