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The Dark Curse Everyone Fights

Joe Farcht asked:

This curse is so powerful that it can make your life miserable and people around you flee. It is so unwanted that it can upset your whole day and throw you into a depression.

It will damage relationships and ruin your working interactions with your supervisor. It can cause ulcers and other diseases. It can drive you to quit your job, divorce your spouse, and seek psychologists.

Do you get the idea that this is something very unwanted in your life?

Researchers say that we can have up to 50,000 of these things each day. They fill each moment of our lives and rarely leave us alone.

They actually attract into our lives the experiences and objects that surround us. They permeate everything and everywhere.

What are these things? These things are our thoughts.

There are two types of thoughts: negative thoughts and positive thoughts. Of the 50,000 that we experience each and every day, some people will entertain a large majority of their thoughts as negative. And the negative thoughts will manifest into their lives the effects described above.

Negative thoughts attract into our lives unwanted experiences, objects, and relationships. The law of attraction says that what we focus on expands. Negative thoughts expand to create the unwanted life.

Now you know the dark curse that everyone fights.

Replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Focus on the positive and the law of attraction says that it must expand.

If positive thoughts expand, we can expect some very pleasant experiences, objects, and relationships to appear in our lives. Nurturing positive thoughts can be as easy as saying thank you to yourself or feeling appreciation for everything that comes into your life. Get into the habit of saying thank you and feeling appreciation for your health, car, home, family, job, supervisor, spouse, friends, surroundings, meals, pets, and the blessings you continually receive.

Another type of positive thought is an affirmation. An affirmation is a statement of some possible positive future state worded as though it had already become a reality. An example would be ‘I am a wonderful positive person enjoying a fabulous world.’

Think and express only positive thoughts! Say thank you to yourself or other people; feel and show appreciation.

Affirming the wonderful person that you are all will expand and begin transforming your life into a joyous, happy experience filled with the objects that you enjoy, and with meaningful and uplifting relationships. Try it, you’ll like it!

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