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Creating Action Through Intention With the Manifestation Method

Joan Marie Whelan asked:

As an Intuition Expert, one of the most amazing features I’ve discovered in the Manifestation Method is transforming your life is more simple than you think. In one of my earlier articles, I relayed a story about how things aren’t always as they seem (for your higher good); now, I’m going to tell you how to manifest opportunity for yourself by presenting yet another great parable:

A modern-day Indian Chief wanted to prove to his people that he could foretell the weather. However, he was not wise to the ancient ways, so he had to rely on his gut feeling and ingenuity. One of the first things he did was advise his villagers to gather lots of wood for the winter. As a practical individual, he also contacted the National Weather Service (NWS) to inquire as to how the weather was going to be during the winter. The Meteorologist replied that the weather would indeed be very cold during the coming months. The Indian Chief continued calling the NWS and relaying the same message over and over to his tribe to make them believe that not only could he foretell the weather, but that wood was necessary to prepare for it. As time went by, the Indian Chief called the National Weather Service one last time to reconfirm his weather concerns. When the Indian Chief asked the weathercaster how come he was so certain about the impending cold climate, the Meteorologist replied, “Because the Indians are collecting firewood like crazy.” While this may be a very funny story, isn’t it amazing how quickly one event led to a chain of events all on behalf of one man’s intention?

The Manifestation Method is much like this. When we begin to think, we act; and when we act, a chain of positive events occurs without our ever knowing it. Planting the seed of thought and moving forward with intention, pools all our resources in creating the change we want to see and become. The Indian in the story wanted to be an influential leader to his tribe, and because he used rational reasoning, along with a little inspiration and intuition, he was able to manifest transformation with thoughts first – then action.

The Manifestation Method is more than just portraying a wealthy appearance, you must believe that you are wealthy inside and outside. Creating change in life is not difficult if we only find the motivation from within; and in every one of us, is an intuition expert struggling to get out and redefine our lives. What is your intention in life? Is manifesting your dreams your heart’s desire? Do you yearn for a successful career? Relationship? A new home? The Manifestation Method is a personal and professional growth tool that unlocks your innate abilities to succeed. Like the Indian Chief who merely wanted to demonstrate his leadership, you can plant the thought and manifest your destiny by putting your intuition to work for you.

Through the Manifestation Method, your intuition becomes heightened; your sense of awareness more keen; your abilities more capable; and your actions more intentional – more refined. In the Manifestation Method, you create a wealthy appearance, heightened perception, increased sense of self-worth, and real desire for change and transformation.

What makes the Manifestation Method so practical? Like any quality teaching tool, the Manifestation Method teaches you to facilitate your intuitive powers the way they were intended to be used. Once you’ve been introduced to your innate capabilities, you begin to represent your intentions by portraying a wealthy appearance and a healthy mindset toward achieving your hearts desires.

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Creating Action through Intention with the Manifestation Method

By Joan Marie Whelan

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