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Team Building – A Common Goal

Cathy Warschaw asked:

We’ve all heard the saying, “There’s no ‘I’ in Team.” Team building has been a goal of the workplace for many years because of the numerous benefits it brings. Team building is a great way to have fun and energize coworkers, build and strengthen coworker and employer relationships, and improve productivity in the workforce.

With all these great benefits, it’s easy to see why developing collaboration in the office is usually one of the top five business priorities of an employer!

Being part of a great team sounds like fun – but what actually makes a team productive and worthwhile? Good teams share some common traits:

-Members depend on each other -Each member believes that his or her opinion is important -Every person has a role -A safe environment exists that allows members to feel comfortable sharing ideas -Members can move past setbacks and overcome challenges together -An ability to effectively cooperate with each other to problem solve

Fortunately, establishing great teamwork in the workplace is not an impossible task. There are many activities and games that specialize in building cooperation and mutual dependence, such as icebreakers and scavenger hunts. In fact, many businesses provide these team building services to other businesses.

If you believe that your workplace could use a little group TLC, consider discussing further with your supervisor or even colleagues. Conduct some research on team building activities and locate service providers. Identify the personality of your workplace and decide which activity would best suit its needs.

While you’re seeking ways to team build as a group, also think of actions that you as an individual can take to promote collaboration.

For example, offer assistance with a task that a coworker appears to be struggling with, or at the next group meeting, ask for the opinion of a colleague who is normally quiet. Make an effort to practice open and honest communication with your coworkers. There are many opportunities available to demonstrate your commitment to working as a team.

Team building offers many benefits in the workplace that empower employees to create a work environment to which people want to belong; however, don’t let all the hard work overshadow the most important thing – team work is also about having fun!

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