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Open Houses Will not Get you Homes, But a Real Estate Team Will!

Joe Lane asked:

A Real Estate Team is a strong believer in making a property to the fullest extent of a capabilities. There has always been discussion on the merits of Open Houses. While some real estate professionals believe that Open Houses are a necessity, they are not always quick to point out the many drawbacks with hosting an Open House.

The first and most important thing you need to know is: Open Houses DO NOT SELL Homes, Realtors® Do!

Nearly all of the homes that are sold in the real estate market are sold because a realtor had a meeting with the client who came to see the home. Most of the real estate agents have two main reasons for hosting the Open Houses. The first reason being because they will usually meet promising clients who will usually come back and buy a house after the Open House. This will provide great business for the real estate team, because all the buyers have seen is a classified ad. The classified ad usually will not have the details for the home posted, therefore the buyers are not getting all the facts that they should. When the buyers are not getting all the facts, it is nearly impossible that the home can be described as “perfect” for the buyer. A professional real estate team will give you a lot more than an ad. They will sit down and give you all the details for the home, and then research a home just for you based on ya preferences. Doing this process is more likely to find the buyer a “perfect” match. Open Houses will just lure buyers that want to see which homes are attainable. An unprofessional realtor will just see it as an opportunity to meet a confused buyer, and is hoping to get a new client for the Realtor®.

The second reason is quite straightforward. Open Houses are hosted because some sellers will fall in love with the home at first sight. The Realtor wants to keep the slim chance that a buyer will walk in and immediately make an offer for the home. What really happens is the buyer is not ready yet, and soon they will have a home that they are not satisfied with. That is why real estate teams take the time to give the buyer all the details that are needed, and then let them purchase their homes.

A Real Estate Team will provide you with the quality customer service you deserve. A real estate team will host Open Houses as the client wishes, but they would much rather have the buyer to be in a office so that they can give them all the details that will make them ready to buy the home. While they are having an Open House for you, they will not be in a office trying to follow leads and come up with marketing ideas to find unqualified buyers. A recent statistic shows that less than 1% of all the homes sold come from open houses. They have also learned this from a own personal experience.

Even though someone living close by is having an Open House, ya property will receive just as much attention. A Real Estate Team works diligently to provide good marketing in large amounts through the internet, personal contact with other clients, and in print. A Real Estate Team is among the few Realtors that will find a property that is right just for you. Even if the buyer is not a client of as, they will still show all the properties that they have to offer. The great customer service that they offer has been a big factor in a success!

If you would like more information about Open Houses or anything else they offer, do not hesitate to contact them. They would be glad you provide you with more information.

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