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10 Tips to Prevent Household Water Damage From Water Damage Team

water damage team asked:

Wake Forest, NC February 12, 2007 – Follow these easy tips from the Water Damage Team and you can prevent water damage in your own home.

“Usually the water damage that occurs inside your home could be easily avoided if you had followed a few steps to prevent the water damage before it happened,” claims David Beavers of the Water Damage Team. “Below are ten simple tips that may help you avoid thousands of dollars in unnecessary water damage cleanup expenses.”

1. Every now and then check underneath all the sinks in your house to see if there are any pipe leaks. You should also pay attention to slow-draining pipes as they could have blockages. Additionally, it’s probably a good idea to recaulk around sinks that appear old or deteriorating.

2. Check for water leaks by monitoring the water meter while all the faucets and water-using appliances in your house are turned off. You should check the meter every few minutes for about an hour to see if there are any changes. If there has been water used then you may have a pipe leak.

3. Be sure that you have easy access to the main water shut off valve for your house. Being able to quickly stop the flow of water in an emergency can often save you hundreds of dollars in unnecessary water damage.

4. If your bathrooms have tiled floors make sure there are no cracks or missing areas of grout. If you want to prevent water damage you need to ensure that all grout is intact and sealed.

5. If your refrigerator that has a built in icemaker you should periodically check the water connection hose for leaks. If there are leaks you should immediately replace the hose.

6. The dishwasher is a common source of water damage in the kitchen that could probably be avoided if it was properly monitored. Frequently check around the dishwasher for discolored or warped materials. You should also inspect the hose that connects the dishwasher to the main water line.

7. Check the caulking around your bathtubs and toilets. If there are any discolorations, cracks, or mold then you may have water damage. Make sure to recaulk any problem areas at the first sign of any problems.

8. It is always a good idea to have a working fan in your bathroom. If you do not already have a built in fan then you can purchase an easy to install fan from almost any home improvement store.

9. If you have a washing machine in your home then inspect the connection hose every few weeks for signs of damage. Even if you never notice a problem you should replace the hose about every three years.

10. You should have your air conditioning serviced by a qualified contractor every few years. They will be able to check for obstructions that may cause damage.

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