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My Kind of a Boss

Satish Nair asked:

“Some of the most talented people are terrible leaders because they have a crippling need to be loved by everyone.” James Schorr.


We often heard that “People leave the bosses, not the organization”, is this correct? If we ask somebody then we will of course get similar answer, as nobody could find anything wrong with the organization, it gives people the opportunity to work with, learn new skills, helps to grow, pay well and let a person to be able to work with any organization in the world.


When a person is going to join and work with an organization, his first anxiousness or worry would be about his would be boss, who he is, what is his style of working, how he behaves, whether he is arrogant, whether he is helpful etc. and lot of such questions emerging out from his mind. His career and growth is more or less depends upon his boss, then it is natural that he would be aware about his boss. There may be chances that he could have a good boss of his presumption, but it does not happen always, as people can not make the choice of a boss of their own.


But he will succeed, only if he can adjust well with the boss, he gets and tries to aware about the style, behaviour, attitude etc. of the boss,  otherwise, he will have to leave one organization for another frequently and he will never get satisfied with a boss in his life. When he is not satisfied with the boss, he will never . Such people are afraid of bosses and think they are from hell rather than correcting their attitudes towards their presumption. A moment, when a person thinks the bosses are also human beings like him and they have various qualities and skills for managing the people under him, then every problem come to an end at the very moment.


Under the circumstances, we feel that we shall have acquired a boss of our kind and to me, the boss of my choice would be;


1.Integrity: I wish, as an individual my boss should be having undivided or unbroken completeness with nothing wanting and moral soundness are necessaries, so that the people like us will trust him and will also learn from the boss as a bench mark. In today’s business context this is perhaps the reason integrity is considered as the most admirable trait within a leader. The leaders therefore must keep the value “above all else.”


2.Good communication skills : Communication is the key to be a great leader. The reason for this is simple: if he possesses the other leadership qualities but if he fails to communicate well, he will never be great leader. What he can do is communicate with others in the organization about what it can do to move the company forward. In other words, good communication is the key for developing good business relationships.


3.Honesty: The most valuable asset of a leader is honesty. He must be honest with both his employees and to the management, besides the integrity. Once a leader compromises this quality, he is lost.


4.Humble / polite : Humbleness and politeness are good qualities we would like to see in a boss, not losing patience for small and minute reasons and be a good solver of the problems.


5.He should be a good decision maker: The management gurus say, the boss should be a quick and able decision maker, so that the matters are not pending for want of boss’s decisions. If he is not able to make decisions quick it will result into delays in lot many ways various matters.


6.Good listener : Good listening will not only lead to have good relationships with the team members, but it will also strengthen the team’s moral, imposing the things will not sort out any issues amicably.


7. Delegation: it is a mater of immense pleasure that all the matters and papers are delegated to the subordinates and get the tasks completed well in time and appropriately. In the present day business schedules, he can not spend his time to see everything personally and if it is delegated properly will definitely help to eradicate the pendancy.


8. Visionary outlook: Leadership qualities are different for different position. For a CEO he must be thinking for stabilizing and sustaining the position of the business and always looking for future scope of expanding it seamlessly. He has to be able to look beyond where the business is today, know where it is going, and be able to use that vision to move the company forward. Being able to do this is a rare skill indeed.


9. Updating: Everybody can not be an intellectual, but gain knowledge from everywhere and everybody is a good quality for leader or boss. It is not desirable he talks about the things which he is not comfortable with, however should talk seriously about the matters he knows well.


10. Helpful: I wish that my boss should be helpful to the people approached to him in matters, he can help them, which is not against his principles as well as against the policies, rules, us in all such situations, where we need the appropriate help with words and deeds.


11. Trust: If we are not trusted by the boss, our growth will suffer a jolt and we have to seek others for our growth, we start to think where the slips are made by us, hence we would be trusted in all matters.


12. Good learner: If he does not learn from the past and apply the same techniques, then outcome will be the failure, hence he should be a good learner from the past and his failures.


13. Patience: If our problems are not heard patiently and get imposed the boss’s idea, then we feel he is arrogant; this is not helpful for boss – subordinate relationship.


14. Problem Solver: We wish our boss should be part of solution, rather than to be a part of the problem and be efficiently crystallizing the things up.


15. Should not be a Dictator: If our boss should be a dictator, people do fear to face him or talk to him. Once he comes to the office, the people started to run away from the vicinity.


16. Able and capable of completing the day’s tasks well and timely : Hundred of issues are coming to the boss every day and it is not sorted out, piling up of the files are not a good thing to happen, hence it is desirable to get completed today’s tasks today only.


17. Good traveler : Seeing the same faces and doing the same activities day in and day out make the people bored, hence often he should travel to other offices, places once in a month (for 2/3 days atleast for getting the relationships with govt. and other officials strengthened and can start afresh his duties.


18. Updating: The business environment is changing very fast and it becomes competitive than ever before, under the circumstances, he should update his knowledge to cope up with the changing situation, otherwise, the conventional knowledge and techniques are shared
among the teams.


19. Daringness : Daring attitude should be there with every boss, every inappropriateness has
to be questioned, whoever the person at the receiving end, however close the eyes to the  wrong things going around makes havoc.


20. Innovative: Innovative ideas are required to be brought into the organization to replace the age old ideas and ways and means of practices frequently, must be aware about the new scenarios, technologies, techniques should be adopted to efficiently manage the difficult situations.


21. Creative: He should be having the ability or power to create new ideas and share among the team, so that they are also able to be creative to solve the problems being faced at times.


22. Impartial: Talents are to be identified and recognized with rewards, however others do not get motivated when untalented people are being treated separately.


23. Selecting a good team: A good CEO although he possesses sound professional skills, he assures that the team he selects is efficient enough to back up any skill he lacks. Choosing the best people for such team is a skill. A FEO after all is a human being and does not have answer for everything. But by working together he creates an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect; the team then always find the best solution.


24. Proper action after the words: There should meetings to sort out the issues, but it should not be for time passing or it should not be led to wasted arguments. Managers must be able to put aside their concerns to listen to (and appear to listen to) those around them. As a result, they come know what is going on, and know what is both said, and said between the lines. They have the knack of appearing to know what people need even if those needs are not expressed directly. However, knowing what is going on, and identifying the needs of those around them is not sufficient. The responsive manager also acts upon that knowledge, attempting to help fulfill the needs of employees, superiors, etc. Responsive managers wield influence to solve problems for those around them, often before even being asked.


25. Ability to motivate people around: A good leader must always keep motivating his team mates for good work and should maintain healthy environment. He must give first priority to safety of workers and see that they are not exploited by superiors.


26. Consistency: Leadership effectiveness is impossible without consistency. Every leader has an approach that is unique to them. Don’t change your personal style radically after all; it got you in a leadership position. Modify the rough spots but take care not to confound your staff by displaying inconsistency. Your expectations, though subject to modification based on ever-changing business needs, should remain as constant as possible. The business world is confusing enough without you adding unwelcome surprises into the mix. Keep things simple and consistent.


27. Ability to stand for his team and against critics: It is a universal fact that success rate increases your and your teams critics multiply and become louder. Under the circumstances, you have to defend your team and should always stand for them against any such situation arises. Come to peace with the fact that you will always have a camp of people who critique every decision you make. They are generally the ones who are part of the problem rather than part of the solution. Develop your skills of defending such critics so that they do not diminish your and your teams’ confidence or enthusiasm.


28. Should be punctual and time conceptual: The boss is to be punctual and do not waste time in small small matters, if it is not so urgent. He should arrive in time at office, meetings and everywhere, if he comes in time, the team members will also follow the leader.


29. Should not be Tensed/Stressd : He should always be a person without tension/stress and wish to see the same energy as he has had in the morning and lowered head, red face and appearance are not the appearance we wish to see in our boss, instead he should be having the energy, enthusiasm and the same persona in the evening as well.


30. Should not be Overloaded : He should work hard, but that does not mean he is overloaded with his work and he do not have time to discuss various matter, attend meetings, no time to visit the departments, no time to even for the families.


These are my imaginations about how my boss should be, but it is not possible to have all the above qualities in my boss, if these all qualities with him, then he is a boss from the heaven. We have the right to imagine whatever we wishes to, however desire and wishes are not going to happen in reality and in organizations, we have to try to find out a solution to not to afraid of the bosses, as if there is an organization, then there will surely be a boss, we know without a good captain, the ship will not get into water and set sail to other ports, for which the ship is made. Therefore, it is our ability to face the situation appropriately and grow seamlessly.




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