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Becoming a More Masculine Man

Alex Coulson asked:

As much as you hear about nonsense – like women want sensitive men the fact is they really want real men. That’s why chicks go for jerks and get their hearts broken, then keep going after the same type. Why?

They’re attracted to them. Duh!

You don’t see chicks fawning all over frickin’ limp wristed pansies. Chicks want real men. Here are a few tips to help you establish your identity and create your masculine image.

*Stop conforming to what you think women want in men; what each woman wants is uniquely different some want a adventurous guy, whereas others want a SNAG (sensitive new age guy) to agree with her feelings and do the washing up.

That was a joke! : ) but women don’t want a specific stereotype of guy. SO stop trying to fit into just one stereotype.

*Stop learning palm reading, handwriting analysis to attract women. Learning these JUST to attract women is lame and women will see through the façade.

It’ll do more harm than good. If you have a GENUINE interest in these areas or work in these fields then by all means, however if you work as an accountant and suddenly jump up and start reading her palm she’ll laugh at you.

*Start adopting some of the masculine traits men have, the traits our ancestors have used to attract women. DO you think your grandparents used palm reading on your grandmother? Or met her at a yoga class?

No chances are it didn’t go down like that. He used the sheer POWER of masculinity to attract her without any gimmicky banter lines or jargon.

Start acting like a MAN.

Don’t get the wrong idea here … the last thing I want you to do is walk outside pick a fight with some poor guy or start acting like a jerk to women.

There’s a fine line I want you to see…

Qualities such as aggressiveness, competitiveness, ambition and dominance are often associated with men being masculine whereas traits such as kindness, sympathy, and pity are regarded as feminine.


Well doesn’t this represent a bemused sense of values?

I always disliked aggressiveness and tendencies to dominate in anyone, man or woman; and I abandoned competitiveness in myself when I was young, shortly after finishing school.

Does this make me feminine?

If so let me ask the following questions: Aren’t the feminine personality traits morally and intellectually superior to the masculine ones?

If someone thinks that a man ought to be “manly” and have the masculine behavior traits such as aggressiveness, competitiveness, ambition, etc. then I think that person’s values are very confused and mixed up.

Women ultimately want STRONG men, men that are strong in character and believe in themselves and their ideals, men that are leaders and don’t look to others for guidance or validation.

You know why chicks like big, tall men? No, not necessarily because they think or care that those guys have big wangs. That’s mostly a result of we men being obsessed with it rather than women.

The real reason is that the #1 thing women crave is security. Women want to feel safe. Why do so many soccer moms drive SUVs that are more likely to roll over in an accident? They *feel* safer when they’re in them. If you make women feel at ease around you they will respond to you more than if you were FREAKING THEM OUT. But I digress.

You need to make a girl feel SAFE… STRONG – – > SAFE

Back to the big man thing, women subconsciously equate bigger, taller men with strength. So those men would be able to better protect them from other cavemen or sabertooth tigers or whatever hazards the world has to offer, and the women feel safer because of that.

Ever heard of a guy named Moby? Whatever he’s like as a person I don’t know. But his public image? He’s a WIMP. “But he probably gets lots of chicks”, you say. Don’t be like that, you’re not a star.

Be a man.


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