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5 Hypnotic Personality Traits That Seduce Girls

Scott Patterson asked:

Seducing women is often HOW you say something not what you say.

What I find interesting is women can be completely seduced by a guy without him saying a word. Just through the sheer presence of his aura, he can hypnotically attract her.

Now in this article, I’ll reveal five simple ways to can instantly seduce a woman without needing to say too much.

Let’s get started…

Trait #1- High Status Personality

Whatever you’re heard about women is probably false. While they profess a desire for ‘nice guys’ who treat them like gold, most secretly want a guy who can demonstrate high status and a bit of cockiness.

While you don’t have to act like an arrogant jerk, you must demonstrate that you’re a guy who has high status and is popular in a social context.

So when you’re around women, you need to show that you’re a leader not a follower. This means being the center of attention and carrying a conversation. By doing this, you’ll demonstrate qualities like initiative, confidence and authority. All of these are seductive qualities to women.

Trait #2- Sexually Desirable

A trait that’s equally important to showing a high status is to display a sexually desirable attitude.

Remember that women are emotional creatures. So they’re typically attracted to the men who can show that they’re sexually desired by other women.

The best way to do this is to make reference to girls you’ve dated. Additionally in a public setting, you should be seen talking to lots of different women. The more a woman sees you desired by ‘the competition’, the more she’ll find you interesting.

Trait #3- Confidence

I know. You’re probably sick and tired of girls saying they want a confident guy. But there’s a simple reason for why they say this…

It’s because they want a confident guy.

In order to be seductive to a woman, you must show that you’re comfortable in all situations. This is true even if she tests you or tries to be manipulative. No matter what happens, you should maintain a confident attitude.

The simple truth is women consider a lack of confidence to be a ‘deal breaker’. There are not many women around who want a guy who shows an unconfident personality.

So if you’re lacking in confidence, then you must find the root reason for it. Then work hard to improve this area of your life.

Trait #4- A Future

Another myth is women only want guys with a fancy job or lots of money. While these qualities are important, you can still be seductive even if you’re lacking in this area.

Now if don’t have lots of money or a great job, you have to still demonstrate that you have the coreTrait of ambition. A woman is willing to forgive a lack of present means if you can show that you have dreams that you’re working towards.

To show this seductive quality, you have to demonstrate that you’re a guy who is working towards something. In fact, a great technique is clearly describe your goals and what they mean to you.

Trait #5- Fun

As I said before, women are emotional creatures. While they might claim to want a nice guy, they’ll always be seduced any guy who is a provider of fun and exciting times.

The best way to show this quality is continuously tell stories about your life and the various adventures you have. And the best way to do this is a technique called the ‘Future Adventures’ routine.

It’s a fairly easy concept to use. Whenever you talk to a woman, you describe the fun and exciting things SHE could have with you. By emotionally talking about a possible adventure, you’ll draw her under your hypnotic spell.

Being able to seduce women often comes down to displaying a personality which women mysterious and interesting. When you demonstrate a superior attitude, women will be naturally drawn to you.

If you learn to implement the five personality traits I discussed in this article, women will naturally find you seductive.

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