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Communication With Your Client After the Sale

Kanwaljit Kaur asked:

Almost everyone who know how to make money selling on eBay knows that communication with buyers must occur. However, when most think about communicating with buyers, they think about communicating before and during the actual auction. Unfortunately, that is only part of the story. Communication really starts after the sale.

Want to know how to make money selling on eBay? Focus on sales after the buyer makes an auction purchase. Once there is a sale, the seller needs to focus on communication about the auction, payment and shipment. However the seller also needs to communicate to set the stage for future sales.

Those who know how to make money selling on eBay know that following the close of an auction it is important to immediately contact the winning bidder. These same sellers also know that it is important to acknowledge payment receipt. Once payment is received they know that it is important to keep the lucky bidder updated regarding shipping progress. Finally, there is communication in the form of feedback regarding the seller.

Make money on eBay by making it easy for prospective buyers to get answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Include a list of the most frequently asked questions AND the answers in your auction description. That step will result in much less email to you, along with time to re-answer questions previously asked by another bidder. More importantly, it will result in more bids. Prospective buyers can see the answers to their questions instantly, and can then move onto bidding rather than waiting for you to email the answer later.

Make money on eBay by making it easy for prospective buyers to get good answers to their questions.

If a prospective buyer asks a question that is unique, take the time to answer it immediately. The longer the time between the asking of the question and you responding the less likely that there will be a bid from that prospective buyer.

There is more to communicate however. There also needs to be communication about combined shipping for other auction and eBay store sales. In the shipment that you send the buyer needs to include:

•    A ‘Thank You’ for making the purchase and dealing with you.

•    A business card that highlights how to contact you and find your other products.

•    A flyer referring buyers back to your eBay Store and auctions.

A word of warning; be sure that you don’t violate any of eBay’s rules in your communications.

Communication following the close of an auction can result in the buyer remembering you for your great follow-up and concern about them and the items that they purchased. It can include appropriate feedback (Provide feedback 100% of the time. While it takes some time to provide feedback, it also rewards buyers who make purchases and leave positive feedback for you.) Finally, include communication in the packaging of the items that you ship. Done correctly, that communication will result in buyers making additional purchases in the future.

One of the keys of how to make money selling on eBay is to communicate. Don’t forget to include communication after the sale. That can be the most important communication of all.

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