Work/life Balance: How Personally Sustainable are You?

Anese Cavanaugh asked:

How much energy do you have? How sustainable is your leadership? Do you pull off your work at the expense of your family, your health or your peace of mind?

To lead with courage and authenticity, successful leaders must develop personal energy that lasts through sustained change. Energy leadership realizes a true impact at work and at home.

Busy days, full schedules and heavy workloads are here to stay. These facts won’t change, but how you engage them can. The hero’s journey starts here.

As a business and life coach, I’ve seen that true success involves more than making your numbers or building a powerful team. True success and personal fulfillment happens when you’ve found a way to make EVERY part of your life work, and to navigate the challenges of your work/life balance.

If you’re ready to create better results in every area of your life, to build stronger relationships and to have an authentically powerful impact, you’ve got to be ready to DARE TO ACHIEVE FULL ENGAGEMENT.

The lifestyle of the modern leader is tough. You can struggle against it, hide from it, or you can authentically ENGAGE it.

The choice is yours.

You CAN:

ENGAGE challenging situations, relationships and schedules for clean, powerful outcomes.

ENGAGE your health and well-being. That’s the foundation (and secret weapon) – the powersource – from which true, well-rounded success emerges.

ENGAGE your mission and your desires — stopping the busy-ness long enough to evaluate your life and work and put systems and strategies in place for work/life balance.

In my years of leadership coaching, I’ve learned that for the typical leader, it usually comes down to a combination of seven obstacles:

Work/life Balance Obstacle #1: Fearing to step out of comfort zones,

Work/life Balance Obstacle #2: Being unclear in vision, intention or desired impact,

Work/life Balance Obstacle #3: Being unaware of impact on others,

Work/life Balance Obstacle #4: Making assumptions that hinder your team,

Work/life Balance Obstacle #5: Not knowing “how,”

Work/life Balance Obstacle #6: Avoidance of direct engagement and communication with people,

Work/life Balance Obstacle #7: Lacking the “decision,” time, focus or energy to take (and stay in) action.

These obstacles are not minor. There IS a limited amount of time to your day and these obstacles have the potential of sucking HOURS AND HOURS out of EACH day. But there’s hope – you CAN overcome these obstacles and take back your day. As a business and life coach, I have seen many of my clients engage and conquer these seven barriers to creating the results they want and achieving “work/life balance.”

DARING TO ENGAGE is about succeeding at work AND at home. As a leadership coaching expert, I’ve seen lots of people who can pull off one or the other. But it’s the rare hero who discovers the secret of being a fully engaged, effective leader at work and a committed, loving participant of life at home.

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