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The Proper Mindset – The Affiliate Person

Christine Anyango asked:

The way to a happy and successful carrier begins with individual realisation. Knowing and understanding the person you are, and being totally at peace with this person, and loving him/her in totality. When you know yourself then you can begin to understand others, why they do the things they do or act the way they act. You can be able to deal with them, do business with them with complete ease.

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How do you succeed in today’s competitive and challenging world of internet marketing?

To succeed in today’s world first you need to have a good foundation, get proper training, and have a proper mindset. Set your goals and objectives precise and clear. Why did you come into business, what do you want to achieve, within what timeframe, how much budget, is it realistic? Where do you see yourself one or two years from now? And then comes the most import questions

As an affiliate person;

1. What do you want to sell; do you have your products?

2. How can u get what u want to sell? – Are you going to create your own products or are you going to duplicate what already exists in the market? If you are like me and you want to plug into the system and profit, here is a list of my favourites,



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3. Who do you want to work with in order to succeed?

Success cannot be guaranteed by your own individual effort, true success is a result of teamwork, duplication, exact copying from those who knows. Greatest masters and authors of greatest business success are those who follow the leaders, are accountable, trainable, and teachable, accept mistakes and correction and are coachable. You have to fake it until you can make it.

Think of the greatest inventors, how much time and money they spent trying to formulate ideas and find discoveries? How much did they really make out of their greatest discoveries during their lifetime except for much of their name recognition to date.

Somebody discovered the law of motion, gravitational forces, etc, but those who are benefiting are those who have learnt to copy them without caring how they discovered them, The Electric and the gas companies, the Motor Industry and Technological Corporations are just examples of those who are plugging into the profit which was as a result of the greatest scientific discoveries, someone else’s sweat, that’s the secret behind the greatest industrial revolution and greatest technological advances that we have to date.

Most of us in the affiliate programs are in so much not to make ourselves famous but rather to earn a comfortable living for us and our families. We want to make money, and to make it quick. Don’t waste your time trying to invent, duplicate instead. Copy from the masters. When you have mastered the skills then invent your own.

Stone Evans Plug-In Profit Site ( is a great viral marketing tool. Not only does he offer help within 24 hours in personal email writing but his site comes complete with 30 day guide, with everything explained step by step to ensure guaranteed success. It’s like having your own personal trainer and mentor at the click of a mouse. Any time I have had difficulties I have always consulted him through email and he has always solved my problem within 24 hrs. I feel like am not just working with another boss, but rather am a part of a team that cares.

As a network marketer, you are in business to succeed; you cannot succeed on your own. You have to Build a strong team that will work with you and stand by you. But how do you do this? As a team builder you have taken on the role of a leader. A successful leader leads by his heart. Show team members how you care. Be available when they need you, create time for them, do not underestimate their concerns, be a listener, offer solutions to their problems where you can. Join forums and see how others are doing it and solving problem, always be informed.

Look at this forum and see how much members are helping one another

Johnny Wimbrey in one of his conference calls at the Success University once said- “people don’t know how much you know unless they know how much you care” and during my own experience in network marketing and various leadership roles I have held so far I have come to discover how much true this is. If I delve into my own personal experiences, I can talk on endlessly, but lets face it, no one wants a dictator for a leader, somebody you cannot count on when you are in need, inapproachable, who is always personally correct, don’t you try to avoid such kind of people?

Build a team that knows you care about them. They will stand by you even when you are facing difficulties. Your approach will show that you care

* Inspect what they expect,

* Make follow up, as a leader you must be able to diligently delegate duties, tell team members what to do and make a follow-up. That shows you are committed, you are someone who knows what you want and exactly how and where to get it.

* Above all- always remember: lead with love. Make your team members have a sense of belonging and oneness. Your team must be able to “dance to the same rhythm” and “emit same vibrations.”

The moment you made up your mind to start the business, that was your personal defining moment, you made up your mind to create your way to prosperity; and success was your only envisaged term in your mind. Do not give chance to failure, you came into business to be successful so be successful.

Attune your mind to only think success and surround yourself with people that offer positive encouragement. Do not encourage negative thinkers, most likely, they are failures themselves; do not go down their drain. Hold firm to your dream. When somebody tells you your idea can’t work, look at him closely and examine his life, probably the reason why he has so little success in his own ventures is a result of his own scarce mentality. Follow your dream, winners never quit, and quitters never win! Rough and long is the road to eternal happiness, only few find it. Be among the few that finds it.

When I was 19 I had a fight with my boyfriend and he gave me a book by the Norman Vincent-Peale, POWER OF POSITVE THINKING, I never had a look at it, for one year because I thought the offer of the book was an insult to me. One day I happened to read this book, and wow! The guy is inspirational, I looked back at my boyfriend’s life and said -no wonder his life is so eventful, he thought big, beyond what I thought he could possibly achieve, people laughed at his ideas, but when he started making money and travelling, all eyes were green with jealousy. This was a turning point in my life. I stopped
looking at why something can’t be done to how really I can find
a problem to what I have. I discovered that for every problem I have there is a solution out there; it’s up to me to find it. And that every obstacle I have encountered, or will ever encounter, I have the power to solve it, that somebody else has faced it and solved it triumphantly, why not I.

My Ex-boyfriend’s life is the reason why am so passionate about achieving what I want and following my dreams. He will always be an inspiration to me. How could a college dropout with no capital have made himself a life of luxury? His dreams always seemed unattainable, I once started a venture with him and gave up, eight months later, and he had succeeded with a big audience and a very strong international support. How did he do it? Its simple- he had abundant mentality, he was simply unstoppable. He thought big and reaped big.

The simple thought that if others can do it, I can do it even better! And the belief in your self that you can really do it. And everything else will just be where you want them to be. Thought makes man. Your mind takes in what you give it and manifests it in your actions. Feed it with the right positive information. Think Powerful. And You Will Become Powerful.

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You need to have an empowered mind, one that is decisive, proactive, and persistent. An empowered person is one that believes in himself. You can spend millions of dollars, but if you don’t have belief in yourself, this can hamper your business. Self doubt is the beginning of every failure. Can you be able to meet challenges without breaking down, are you able to handle criticism and rejection without taking it personally, can you feel the fear and do it anyway? Are you able to push yourself beyond your comfort zone? Are you doing something a little extra than what others do to improve yourself, have you made your day today better than yesterday?

Be Successful, Empower Yourself!

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