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Using Creative Visualization to Attract Your Ideal Life

Jon Mercer asked:

Have you ever felt like a “loser” because you were not as thin as you wanted to be? Or as successful as you’d always hoped to be? Or as wealthy? Have you ever envied those around you who just seem to have it all – good looks, speedy metabolism, a great career, and popularity to match? Did you ever wish to be like them, or at least just have a part of the seemingly great life they are enjoying? If so, you really owe it to yourself to read ‘The Secret.’

It does not really matter if you are a bookworm or not, this best-selling self-help book is actually very easy to read and understand – and it has the ability to transform how you see yourself and your life in a very positive way.

But first things first; what is ‘The Secret’ all about anyway?

Have you ever heard the quote, “when we truly desire something, the entire universe conspires to help us achieve it”? This is a passage from Paolo Coelho’s International bestseller, ‘The Alchemist ,’ which teaches us to persevere in spite of adversities and to use creative visualization to manifest the things we desire–to literally “will them” into being through faith and perseverance.

‘The Secret’ shares the very same concept, wherein it makes use of the “law of attraction”, a philosophy of life which encourages us to do away with fear, and simply ask for what we want — to “pray without ceasing.” Of course, some skeptics have criticized this by saying that life just doesn’t work that way, but these people are missing the whole point behind The Secret–that faith and perseverance are the two most powerful forces known to humankind. They can literally transform anyone’s life.

The Secret motivates people by saying that through practicing gratitude and using creative visualization, they can achieve the things that they want in life — all of them. It teaches simple ways to subconsciously motivate yourself to become the best you can be.

For example, when it comes to the attracting wealth (something everyone wants), The Secret teaches us to be always enthusiastic, to use creative visualization techniques, and to believe with an unflappable faith that we already are wealthy.

Developing this mindset will make you happier and more confident with your abilities; and your newfound positive attitude will attract positive circumstances and people in return. As you radiate feelings us success and happiness, these things will become a greater and greater part of your life. Like really does attract like.

And this is the real ‘secret’ of The Secret –“like attracts like.” This means that the thoughts you choose to think have real power, and they attract like circumstances into your life. Or as Henry Ford said all those years ago, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t — either way, you are right.”

Using techniques like creative visualization and practicing gratitude, we can create our lives practically any way we want. And in fact, we ARE each creating it right now, whether we know it or not. With each thought we think, and each action we take, we are designing our future.

We can choose to design our lives wonderfully and purposefully — or we can attract circumstances by default, and simply “hope” everything turns out OK. The choice is always there, and we each have the power to decide for ourselves what we will think, do, say, create and attract.

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