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Union Leader and Civil Rights Activist Jesse Epps Endorses Daniel Imperato for President in 2008

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Epps is formerly educated in labor relations at Syracuse, Rutgers, and Cornell Universities and has spent the last 40 years fighting for and defending the rights and conditions of all working men and women.

Jesse began his professional labor experience working for the International Union of Electrical Workers at Local 320 in Syracuse, New York. He served as Chief Steward, and as an Executive Board member on the Educational and Civil Rights Committees.

From 1960-1972 he served as the Assistant to the International President of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), where he played a critical role in obtaining Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s support for the Memphis Sanitation Workers Strike of 1968.

The strike ended with the tragic assassination of Dr. King. In spite of this tragedy, or perhaps as a result of it, Jesse and AFSCME successfully negotiated a contract for the 1,300 striking sanitation workers.

From 1964-1968 Jesse was an advisor to President Lyndon B. Johnson’s White House with regard to the participation of young people, students, and minorities specifically in the Democratic Party and Government in general.

He is a lifetime member of the NAACP, assisted in the organization of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), of Central New York, and is involved with the AFL-CIO, and other local, national, and international labor entities.

“Daniel Imperato is man who is for the cause,” stated Epps. “Daniel Imperato believes in living up to America’s principles. He believes that all men are created equal as endowed by their creator. He is a man that believes in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and holds firm to those principles. He is a blessed man and I believe that he is here on a mission. I support him wholeheartedly and look to help him reach out to every family in America to help revive this country.”

In recent years Jesse has focused his energies in establishing the NATIONAL UNION OF AMERICAN FAMILIES (NUAF). NUAF is establishing interdependent neighborhood unions of families working together at the community, state, and national level to impact the political, social, educational, and economic forces and entities that affect the quality of life for Americans.

Daniel Imperato also commented on receiving the endorsement of Epps.

“I am truly overwhelmed by receiving the support of a man like Jesse Epps. He has done so much in his life to help advance the cause not just of workers, and African Americans, but of all Americans. He is a man of principle and a man of faith. I hope to serve him and all Americans well as we look to make America a beacon of hope, liberty, freedom and independence.”

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