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The Benefits of Customer Service Training Games

Justin Chamberlain asked:

Many companies offer great service but only a handful are able to deliver it constantly and consistently throughout their business. Think about it. How many times have you experienced good service and bad service from different parts of the same brand or company? In almost all cases the inconsistency in service is down to people.

Research on the subject of customer service from Retail Active makes the point that increasing numbers of sales are based on the quality of service received and not on the merits of a product. In other words people buy things from companies that give consistently good service and steer clear from those businesses that don’t.

So what do the successful companies do to achieve outstanding customer service throughout their business that their less successful competitors don’t?

Firstly it is clear that their staff are well trained and inducted – they believe in what they are doing! Secondly employees are empowered to give outstanding service, making it easy to recover a customer before any complaint becomes a negative experience. Then there is management leadership where service delivery is cultural point of difference.

A crucial factor to ensuring great service is to unleash the positive benefits of customer service training. Successful companies use cutting edge training techniques such as customer service training games. Despite their fun image this method of customer service training is a very serious business tool.

The great thing about using training games is that they package critical business information and re-present it in a non-threatening way. The methodology of playing a game generates a serious learning experience, delivered in a light-hearted environment. The end result can be understanding and consistency throughout the entire business giving your business that competitive edge.

Customer service training games start from £99 and are available from www.gamethingy .com. Their motto is: For customer service training to work, it has to be fun. If it’s fun, it will also be engaging and the more engaging it is, the more memorable it becomes.

If you are wanting to ensure the best service standards you need to approach things differently and this new learning method really seems to work better than conventional methods of training.


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