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Cranium Fort: Creative Toys to Develop your Child

Richard Runion asked:

Toys have played a crucial role in enhanced children’s lives, and this has always been considered as vital to their development. Museums and libraries that display toys, the world over, have chronicled shifts in social thinking and the popularity of fads, from time to time. The toys that are currently available are very dissimilar from the ones that existed in the ancient past. However, the end they seek to serve has not changed: bringing joy to children, and aiding children in learning and developing hand-eye coordination.

Toys bring enchantment and adventure to the learning process, whether it’s about life, or about how things function or about living harmoniously, in society. Selecting toys that encourage healthy play habits will encourage the growth of kids’ social, cognitive, and physical attributes. Toys should be open-ended so as to boost creativity and imagination in kids. Usually these are the type of toys children return to, again and again.

Children are naturally inquisitive and interested about what’s gong on around them. They are keen to learn and develop their thinking skills and logical sense. They imbibe by action, like to do things over and over, and love surprises, which they enjoy coming back to over and over again.

When you see kids at play, you are able to observe they are busy thinking, endeavoring to find things out, for themselves, getting to the root of solutions to problems and being creative and spontaneous in their solutions. And when you provide enriching experiences that stimulate their senses and spark their curiosity, you help promote an interest in learning that lasts a lifetime.

Cranium are leading toy manufacturers who started business in 1998. Their construction toy, Cranium Fort, is enjoying great popularity with kids. Cranium Super Fort is a model that is claimed by the manufacturers to inspire kids to create cool spaces and secret places! What they can make with Super Fort, another model, is only limited by children’s imagination. Creative and physical learning is imparted as kids play with Super Fort.

Kids are said to shine as they build fun structures and create new ones from scratch. Safe, easy to use, and fast to clean up and store with Magnaball magnetic connectors that make it easy for kids to do it themselves, Cranium Super Fort includes 16 Magnaball magnetic connectors, 16 flexible foam tubes, 6 rigid foam tubes, 6 bases, 2

floor panels, 5 colorful wall panels, 20 clips, and 2 storage bags.

The quick-snap magnetic connectors and bendable foam construction tubes permit children to create anything they want from castles and secret hideouts to sailing boats and space ships and almost anything they can imagine! The toy includes 73 pieces all packed into a handy carry bag. The set includes an instruction booklet on how to create some structures, including a simple play house as well as a more complicated car and rocket ship.

Some of the Cranium Fort construction toys available in the market include Super Fort

Mega Fort, Carnival Clubhouse, and Mega Land. A starter set is available for $24.99. Cranium offer 30 days limited warranty for some of their toys.

When choosing toys for your child, always pay attention to the age recommendations. Look for toys that match your child’s interests and developmental level. The right toys at the right time will enrich your child’s play experience and provide the foundation for learning.


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