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10 + Ridiculous Quick Tips To Better Manage Anxiety And Stress

Di Lu asked:

Your world may likely be overfilled with daily stresses.

Say again!

They can burn like mad and leave you sizzled instead of the steak (or veggies :). But all you want is to enjoy the steak (or veggies 🙂 at the end of the day and some relaxation, correct?

Let’s have a look at a list of 10 + wacky tips on how to keep yourself at a safer distance from the stress grill and eat your feast with joy as well!

1. Get up earlier – GET UP! If you skimp on respecting the time first thing in the morning, it will push you around all day long. Remember, time is the only commodity we can’t replenish no matter how hard, how long or how diligently we work … or play. Or, how often we mention how stressful it is to have so little of it. 2. If you eat your first meal at work around noon, have you ever wondered why people start liking you more … after you had lunch? Low blood sugar can bring about anxiety-like feelings. If you can’t eat a full breakfast in the morning – snack during the day. Protein – Complex Carbs – Fats are your friends. Just like blueberries, right ;)? A balanced fuel up is the key for any day! 3. Even though men and women are apparently from two different planets, the UNI-verse is ultimately a superior way to loving co-existence. 4. If you are a male, fetch a beer for her as a speechless alternative (or wine :). So little said with so much to gain. 5. If you are a female, trust there is no way that 100% of the male species have the same name or wouldn’t fit the puzzle with love that you want to attract. The BIG secret is – he is still out there instead of … with you! 6. The mega important happens (if lucky enough) only in an Emergency Room or Operating Room. Everything else is that much … mega … less important. If you’ve ever had this type of anxious experience, you know exactly what I mean. 7. Keep your word! It’s unexpected, and it will pleasantly floor them! There goes your stress punch for the day – if you must! 🙂 8. If nothing makes sense for you any more, establish a micro-sanctuary in everything you do, everywhere you go, and in every thought you have. Simplify anything you can in your life right now . Gradually, it will simply start making sense again. 9. If you have “beef” with someone, assess your anger carefully. Becoming a “vegetarian” on the issue may save you much needed energy. The “T-Boner” ain’t worth the flame. 10. You can, at times, heal better with “brutal honesty” then you can ever do with a “sincere apology”.

11. Tough love, not spoon-fed helplessness, tastes better at the end. It’s superior on calorie count, too ;)! 12. Expect your dreams to hit the fan instead! Choose to join the brand new fan club today!

“What if what we’ve learned over time has a lot more anxiety, stress and ridiculousness than what we yet need to learn?”


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