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Delaware Technical and Community College Information – Stanton Wilmington Campus

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Delaware Technical and community college was founded in the year 1967. It is the first community college in the state. The Delaware College provides opportunity, excellence and hope to each student in the college. The students will get opportunities technical, academic, continuing education, corporate and community training. The college has more than hundred associate degree, diploma and certificate programs. They have specialized teaching courses in all fields like allied health, biotechnology, culinary arts, language and culture, human services, business and computer etc. The Delaware college lifelong opportunities for learning to all its members, summer camps for kids, directly job leading associate degree programs for high school graduates etc. The Delaware College follows open admission in the recruitment of its students. The college has four convenient locations throughout the state for providing traditional classroom courses.

The Stanton/Wilmington Campus is one of the locations of Delaware College where traditional classroom courses are available. The Stanton/Wilmington Campus is situated in New Castle, which covers more than half of Delaware’s population. A variety of distance education opportunities including online, interactive classroom and telecourses are offered in addition to traditional classroom course. The college has become an educational leader in the Delaware state. Because of its responsiveness, vision and hallmarks of commitment the college has been trusted and respected in both national and state level. The Delaware College provides flexible, convenient and affordable quality education to its students. The main of the Delaware College is to help its student to plan their future, live through their plan and achieve their life goals. The helping hand of the college will be with each student when he places his first step in the campus or even the first time to navigate the college website.

The Delaware College has a very quite college campus. It has a very natural and greenish environment, which will help its students to easily develop and think. This will increase the creativity of the students. Safety and security habits are essential for developing a good personality. The Delaware campus ensures almost safety and security for the students. The Delaware College also has campus in Georgetown, which is called The Jack F. Owens Campus and The Charles L. Terry Campus in Dover. The Delaware College advisory committee has been included with leaders in business, education, government, health and industry. These advisory committee will provide guidance to Delaware college for its curriculum evaluation and development for ensuring that its programs are relevant to the modern work situation and up-to-date.


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