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The Nokia 6300 – Candy Style

Matt Sharp asked:

Nokia is one brand that is least bothered about all the hype around ‘sleek and slim’ phones. The Finnish global leader do not believe in throwing away functionalities and a part of common sense to fit into a smaller case. The optimal price-quality ratio of Nokia phones is the main reason of its global leadership over the years.

The Nokia 6300 is one of the finest example of Nokia’s philosophy – keep it simple. The Nokia 6300 is essentially a follow up for the top selling Nokia 6100 that was launched in 2003. The Nokia 6300 retains the same classic candy-bar form with many addition in its feature list. A stainless steel body with metallic keypad makes the phone robust while maintaining its sophisticated looks.

The Nokia 6300 is impressive from the word go. The larger than usual TFT screen creates the sharpest of images with its range of colossal 16 million different and accurate colours. Watching images and videos on the Nokia 6300’s display is a treat to watch. You can download themes, wallpapers and screen-savers to match your personality and flaunt it.

Integrated camera module of the Nokia 6300 is 2.0 megapixel. Shoot pictures with resolution as high as 1600×1200 pixels or shoot videos in QCIF formats, you’ll never have to reach out for your digital camera if you have the Nokia 6300 handy. You can listen to your favorite radio station or even carry your music collection in a memory card to play them on the integrated media player.

The triband handset is also a master of data connectivity other than superior voice reception. Data speed with the 3 phones Nokia 6300 can get as high as 236.8 kbps through EDGE or 32-48 kbps via GPRS. Managing your personal and professional emails, browsing the Internet, exchanging information with compatible external devices like your PC – the 3 phones Nokia 6300 is your one stop solution.

3 phones, 3 phones

3 phones, 3 phones


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