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5 Tips How to Improve Your Leadership on Affiliate Program

Erny Setyawati asked:

What should we do after joining affiliate program? People are interested in joining affiliate program, but never know how to manage their network. New comers just join and success to build list, but fail to gain dollars. Why do this happen? How do you find solution? The answers, you must learn the leadership so that your network can duplicate your action. There are 5 tips to improve your leadership:

1.Do not waste times on skeptics or none motivate people

Improve your leads motivation; give much learning and write good motivation. We should build image continuously so that your leads trust and follow your suggestions.

2.Communicate constantly! Keep in touch with every one who is in your teamwork regularly.

People build list to become their teamwork through many ways, like buying leads, writing articles that relate to affiliate program, building double opt in and others breakthrough. We say, the network fail, if your teamwork cannot duplicate your action. It causes, the network never improves any more. To avoid these problems, communicate constantly to them. Assist the persons in your teamwork; let them know that you offer support.

3.Use the methods below or try to mix few methods.

People always use newsletter to communicate to their leads. Perhaps, you can mix few methods like meeting, phone calls, email, voice mail, faxes, and postcards.

4.Use many resources to learn.

To build good image in the team, you should learn from many resources so that can describe affiliate program easily.

5.Encourage your affiliates to do the same.

Avoid promoting your business in any way that causes your prospect to say them selves ” Oh no! See how this thing works, but I could never do that” Please give easy example so that easy to duplicate.

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