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Succesful Network Marketing,5 Laws for Leadership

William McRand asked:

I will be talking more about the Laws of Leadership in Network Marketing. Since I believe that everything rises

and falls on leadership, I will be digging into more detail on showing you how to become a true visionary


Law 1 ? The Leader must have a dream larger than those he/she leads.

The greatest error of most people in Network Marketing is that they cannot envision the scope of the business

they?re in.

More millionaires have come out of the Network Marketing industry in the last 10 years than any other industry

in the world. This industry provides an unparalleled opportunity to make average people, regardless of their

age, race, sex or experience incredibly wealthy.

Your downline will always be looking upline for visionary leadership. Big dreamers inspire others to dream.

Learn to communicate you dreams and goals and learn the power of Emotional Intelligence ? the ability to

transfer emotion to your downline.

Visionary leaders establish themselves as forward thinkers. They look at what does not exist right now and they

see it already existing! The size of your dream will always affect the amount of effort you are willing to put

in. Your downline wants to know that you are thinking bigger so that their financial goals will coincide with


Law 2 ? The Leader must have an attitude superior to those he/she leads.

Attitude control is a constant battle. Leaders feed themselves continuously with powerful thoughts and act in

an upbeat manner at all times. A leader must always be ?up?.

The true leader is one that sees the solution and does not focus on the problems. Positive information is

gained from reading books on personal development and listening to positive thinking tapes. Positive attitudes

are contagious just as negative ones are.

Remember that negative spreads faster than positive so careful not to show any negativity. One critical

statement about the company, upline, or the products by a leader can weaken and even destroy organizations.

Law 3 ? The Leader takes responsibility and is first to admit when he/she has made a mistake.

There is nothing more damaging to an organization than a leader who is ?always right?. Leaders should always

understand that they are responsible for the things that go wrong in the growth of the organization, regardless

of the actual responsibility. The leader sees the danger in placing blame on others and takes it himself or

herself to be the lightening rod for criticism.

Law 4 ? The Leader is a decision maker.

Nothing is more demoralizing than indecisive leadership. Someone once said a leader is concerned with doing the

right thing while a manager concerns themselves with doing things right. Not all of your decisions will be

correct but as long as you?re making them and making them with the right reasons in mind, you?ll learn to make

right decisions more often. Your decisions will get better as you gain experience. Strive for excellence not


Law 5 ? The Leader puts those he/she leads first.

A leader understands that by putting others before yourself, you gain trust and confidence from your downline.

When your group knows that you?re looking out for them and have their best interests at heart, they will work

harder for the simple fact that they know you want them to succeed!

Here?s an inspiring story of leadership:

During the Civil War, Ulysses S. Grant was surveying the condition of his battered troops one day when he saw

one of his soldiers who had no boots. General Grant said ?Soldier where are your boots?? ?I have none sir.?

came the reply. Grant got down from his horse, took off his boots and gave them to the soldier. As he was

riding off he said to the soldier, ?As long as I have a pair of boots no man in my army will go without them?.

Putting those you lead first always results in a confident more aggressive organization. The MARINES call it ?

Esprit de Corps?. It?s called compassionate leadership. It always works.

Zig Ziglar says it best ? “If you help enough other people get what they want, you?ll always get what you


Your partner in success,

William McRand


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