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Own your Own Business- Avoid Buying yourself a Minimum Wage Job

Erica Vanderbeek asked:

Buying a Minimum Wage Job

It was time. Time to make my hard work pay off for me. I was done working for someone else’s benefit. I had some money to invest, a business plan and loads of enthusiasm. I was ready to be a business owner. What I didn’t know was that I was only buying myself a minimum wage job and a huge debt.

Being your own boss in a business that you can be proud of, making your hard work count for you and your bank account, setting your own schedule and reaping the rewards of a job well done. These were all the dreams I had when I started my own juice bar and café. I invested everything I had, any spare moment, all the energy that I could muster and many sleepless nights for my dream.

I kept my head held high even when the sales were low but as the months went by my dreams of freedom seemed to be getting further and further away. I was doing more work and sleeping less. I was broke, more stressed out and still doing things like taking out garbage and scrubbing floors. All of the things that I thought I was getting out of.

How did I get there? This wasn’t at all the dream I had. Frustrated and unsure what alternatives I had to doing this for the rest of my life I came across the business within my business. I wanted to provide nutritious and delicious alternatives to sugary sodas and processed foods for my guests. After countless hours of research I knew that to provide the highest level of nutrition I would have to offer supplements as part of the menu. I had really enjoyed the improved health that I was getting from the products that I was using. These supplements kept me going on my busiest days and my stress levels in check during the tough patches. Little did I know the green powder and protein that I was adding to Berry Overloads were not only bringing in return customers but were actually the vehicle that could give me the freedom that I truly desired.

I was seeing other leaders in the business making 6 figure incomes, driving dream cars, taking exotic vacations with an energy and vitality that was truly remarkable. It was the idyllic lifestyle I had pictured as an entrepreneur. What were they doing differently?

They understood leveraged income. They knew transferring their household spending to safer, more effective products could make their dreams reality. They knew that dedicated effort makes retirement completely possible in 5 years not 25. They were network marketers.

When I saw the marketing plan, the business model and the minimal investment that I needed to get started I nearly cried. Why didn’t I know about this 2 years ago! The stress, frustration, debt, and energy I could have saved myself if I had just done this instead.

I sold the conventional business. The loss of funds was easier to take than the loss of my sanity had I stuck with it. I now work closely with those successful business coaches I mentioned earlier. They have taught me how to take my small household investment and turn it into the vehicle that fuels my 6-figure income. By sharing this business model and my experiences with others they can have the fantastic feeling of freedom and empowerment that comes from being your own boss with out the costly mistakes.

If you are looking to find a business of your own that you can work from anywhere on your own time and be proud to be a part of, Network Marketing may be for you. I love having the ability to chart my own destiny and the freedom and the health benefits to enjoy it. Never feel that you have to buy yourself a minimum wage job to have the freedom that you want. There is an easier road to financial freedom and a passive, leveraged income is the vehicle that can get you there.

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