Leadership Mistakes

Becoming a Leader

Gemma Noble asked:

How can one attempt to lead others when they cannot lead themselves?. This is a very simple but true question. If you are unable to implement and achieve you own personal tasks and goals, Why would any body believe that you will be able to lead them towards ascertaining their goals.

There have been various great leaders in history all fighting for one cause or another. All of these different leaders had a desire or belief, But without the ability of self leadership/Leadership their desires and beliefs

would have not been heard or seen. This also works the other way around without a these desires and beliefs there would be nothing to strive for, Which in turn make self motivation harder.

Four basic needs of leadership are having foresight, Knowing what action to take, Good Timing, Know when to act, Motivation, Getting out there and doing it, No quarms, No excuses and last but not least Quality, Know matter how you feel or how bad a day you are having the quality must be high. If you carry out these steps, For seeing what actions to make, When to make them, Aways staying motivated to producing good quality and high standards you are bound for success in all aspects of life.

“No one need live a minute longer as he is, Because the creator endowed us with the ability to change ourselves”….. J.C.Penney.

I would be the first to admit that these steps are easier said then done, But there are ways of training yourself to gain these skills. People often mistake these skills as personal traits and think they unable to learn how to lead.

“One extra hour of study a day and you’ll be a national expert in five years or less”….. Earl Nightingale.

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