Improving Team performance

Team Building – The Route To Accelerating Your Business Development

Martin Haworth asked:

To accomplish the overall objectives given to them, your ‘team’ must be unified and know where they fit. Above all, they need to be clear on the importance of the overall team’s performance, to the final result of any project.

Team Building Is Vital To Achieve Corporate Goals

If your company objective is the usual one, typically increased profits, team-based organizations can help you get there. There are specific ways to evaluate and improve your team building skills.

For instance, executive leadership must communicate their expectations of their team. Team building is not possible without clear and concise communication. As an example, is your team equipped with the appropriate resources to meet their goals? How do you know?

How do they get through to you when they need support? Included in the communication necessary for effective team building is discussion and interest showed by the leadership.

Get The Right People On The Team

Another important component to team building success, is ensuring that your team members fully understand why they are on the team and how they can use their individual skills to improve the team’s performance. Assess their interest in participating, do they feel the mission is important and do they feel they will be better for it?

Team building requires that the team feels that there are competent individuals on their team.

This trust is an important first step to team success. Do they understand the importance of collaboration and the group process expected of them? Are they clear on the role they each individually play in the success of the team. You must offer all team members a clear path to provide feedback.

Show Your Team You Recognize And Care

If you want team building to work for your organization you must be able to demonstrate that you value employees who take reasonable risks, unique solutions and creative thinking. If employees feel that rewards are in place only for workers who keep up with the status quo, don’t expect much more than that.

Successful team building requires that all team members recognize their accountability as it pertains to the overall success of meeting goals.

Team building can do wonders for your employees and your business, whatever it is. Employees who really feel like they are part of something special will give back by ‘owning’ their part of the organization. Spend the time and the money, if needed, to train the people in your organization to operate in the team mind set.

Reward teams accordingly and if they do not reach their goals ramp up the training. Keep the lines of communication open and the goals clear and concise.

Generally your employees will surprise you with their willingness to participate and when given the right tools and the appropriate resources you will probably be surprised at the results.

Team building is worth your time and it is the future. The traditional way of operating is becoming obsolete in the face of the results of team-building. Maybe it’s as well get on board now and start developing the necessary skills, in yourself, to incorporate team building skills throughout your organization.


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