Improving Team performance

Improving Your Perfomance on Your Soccer Practice

Mirsad Hasic asked:

Playing well during your soccer practice will affect your performance during your game. Here is a checklist of what you should keep in mind while participating in your regular soccer practice.

Focus – Being focused during your practice is crucial for your development. You should never go to your practice without being 100 % focused. If you plan to reach higher goals and maybe even become professional then you will need to treat every practice like a World Cup final.

Listen and respect your coach – Don’t ignore your coach’s instructions. Keep in mind that your coach is the chief and you should always treat him or her with respect. If they criticize you it’s not because they like to do it, they just want you to start focus on your game. Instead of argue with them whether they are right or wrong; take their critic as something good. Try also to improve your performance in next game. Ignoring your coach’s critic may even place you on the bench.

Preparation – You should never go to a practice without good preparation. This is a vital part of your soccer game and you should take it very seriously. Preparing well includes eating right food, sleep at least eight hours and don’t stand up and watch the TV or play games on your PC too late.

Communication – Playing soccer requires you to speak often. However, you can also communicate by using your body language. For example; you may don’t want to shout pass the ball to me every time your team have the possession of the ball. You may for example use your arm to point where you want the ball. Or you could provide your teammates with passing alternatives by running into free area.

Don’t hide – The way you are playing on your practice will affect your way of playing during the games. This means that during your soccer practice you should never hide yourself from the ball just because you are afraid of making mistakes. You need to remember that mistakes are a part of your soccer game and you need to accept it.

Failure – As I said above, making mistakes in soccer is a part of your game. However, the important thing is to make few mistakes as possible. Consider that you are trying to get around your defender. If you manage to get around him 5 of 7 times then your failure ratio will be pretty low. However, if you only get around him 1 of 7 times then you need to improve your failure ratio on some way. Always try to make few mistakes as possible, but when you make a mistake try to learn something from it and you will be fine.

Confidence in yourself – While playing soccer you need to believe in yourself. If you for example don’t believe that you can dribble your defender then how do you then expect to get around him? Your confidence will affect every step you make on the soccer field. If you for example don’t have confidence to fire a shoot then you can’t either expect to score a goal. Just keep in mind to relax and enjoy your game.

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