Improving Team performance

Improve Employee Performance by Letting Organized Employees Create Order

Barbara Brown, PhD asked:

Do you have an employee who just loves to organize things? They are always putting labels on things, creating new processes for storing items, or designing different approaches for capturing information. If you do have an employee who relishes these activities, use this desire to encourage improved or continued performance. How? Consider these seven ideas and statements:

“1. If you assist with this project, your role will involve creating a system for organizing the data that must be distributed to other employees.”

“2. If you work with this team, you will have an opportunity to participate in designing the new system for organizing completed cases.”

“3. If you continue improving your performance, you can take on the new assignment of creating a process for reorganizing the delivery of products.”

“4. After you complete this task, you will be able to focus more on tasks that require your organizing skills.”

“5. The sooner you complete this assignment, the sooner you will be able to take on assignments that require capturing and organizing materials.”

“6. While training new employees, you will have a chance to assist them in designing processes for managing their workloads.”

“7. While working with our new problem solving task force, you will have an opportunity to participate in creating a more orderly approach for implementing solutions.”

Complementary Tasks Lead To Better Performance

By focusing on employees who like to “organize,” you have one more approach to encourage continued positive performance. To do that, you have to think about what your employees like and don’t like when it comes to work; and then offer complementary tasks when possible. In this case, if you have an employee who hates public speaking but loves organizing, try to give more organizing tasks. If you do, your employees might just show their appreciation by doing a better job for you.

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